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In-between mowing the yard and barbequing this weekend, I had a chance to re-read one of my favorite Robert Bly Books – “A Little Book on the Human Shadow”.

I love this book. It’s quick read but with profound implications, about human nature and the difficulties that we encounter just being human. I would also recommend that you read it more than once, as you are in a different place each time you read so your “takeaway” will also be different and deeper.

And for you impatient types, here’s the overview:

From the Jungian Archetypes, we all have the shadow, the animal, the wise old man or wise old woman, the fool and the child. Each archetype has a positive and negative side. We can more easily see the dark or negative side in others but seeing that in our own selves seems to be more problematic.

An interesting aside is that in our modern society, we removed “The Fool” from our lexicon of archetypes’… the fool isn’t very PC so in our infinite wisdom (eyeroll) that aspect has been deleted. For a version of the perfect well-integrated fool, I recommend Enkidu for the epic of Gilgamesh.

In fact, we as modern humans are doing our level best to eliminate anything that isn’t sweet, fuzzy, pretty etc. Our current religions don’t “do dark” either. So we are talking about aspects of ourselves that nobody really “WANTS TO EXAMINE” but the need to examine and experience our shadow is more necessary than ever.

Here’s a question? Want reduce war, violence, poverty, disease and hunger? Read this book. The shortest explanation I can give you is all of the things that you hate, despise or are scared of are… The Shadow. 

More specifically “YOUR SHADOW”. We all have a tyrant, an evil queen, a spoiled child and a murderous animal inside of us. We just usually assign those qualities to someone else… WAY OVER THERE. Until we get that we are the problem and stop forcing others to act out our rage, anger fears, etc we are going to keep having the same personal, family and global issues that we have had for centuries.

Robert Bly has knack for making things that are hard, sound reasonable and attainable. Put this book on your rainy day list and spend a couple of hours on this book. Doing “SHADOW WORK” CAN BE A LITTLE TEDIOUS  and I can’t guarantee you’ll attain instantaneous enlightenment but you’ll be closer waking up up can coming out of your trance than those eating chips and watching “Pawn Stars”.

About the Author:

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