I was working with a client the other day, and she told me a story about a dinner, she attended with a customer of hers.

In the middle of this dinner, he stops, and asks everyone to tell the table about “THE CHANGE in their life THAT MADE THEM THE HAPPIEST”? An interesting question to say the least. Later, on my way to the office, I was thinking about that question, and I wondered which of the many changes that I've experienced have brought me the most happiness.

I went through the standard, safe, but cheesy answers, i.e., the birth of my children, graduating college, etc.

Then I ran through the list of things that, ultimately, made me happy... later. You know those; getting fired from a crappy job that I didn’t really want, getting divorced, having to move my office because my landlord wanted my office for more space for his business, etc. Then I began to think about the little things that do make me happy.

Here’s the short list:

  • snowflakes
  • listening to “Ode de Joy” while watching a sunrise
  • doing a kick-butt yoga practice where I’m so tired all I can do is smile and drink water
  • having my 11-year-old suddenly come up and hug me tight, while not noticing she is blocking my airway
  • sleeping until I wake up on Sunday morning
  • feeling loved
  • watching a bird float effortlessly on the thermals in the air
  • watching a fire that I built

If I had to pick one change that made me the happiest, I would say that was the day that I noticed I was grateful. I wasn’t always grateful nor gracious or polite nor many other things, and one day it changed.

I noticed that I live in a beautiful world surrounded by lots of people who were doing their very best to do what they do. I’m not saying that people or groups can’t be petty or poopy, they can. But for me, I choose to notice the things that they do when no one is watching like tie their child or aging parent’s shoe, pick up litter, mow their yard, smile and the list goes on.

What change, in your life, made you the happiest?
Take a few moments today and really think about this question. I think that you will find there are many moments in your life, which although simple, made the great impact on who are now, and who you are becoming because of that change.


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