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I've all but stopped watching the news, it's pretty much the same story everyday. I've even created my own "version" of the news, I've entitled it, "somebody died, somebody lied and somebody is going to jail"... yes, it's pretty cynical but with just the right touch of humor.

BUT EVERY NOW AND THEN... something wonderful happens. It won't make the news, not many people will care, but I thought I'd just put it out there and see what happens.

And I'd like to add that if you look for greatness, kindness and the strength of humanity in people and yourself... you will find it.


A friend of mine is working a second job at local specialty grocery store. She told me about a co-worker who I think needs to be recognized. This young woman, in her early 20's, she works 2-3 part-time jobs and even babysits in her spare time. Not that unusual, right? Keep reading.

Her "go-to" college choice was Texas Tech University and in her senior year her father had a stroke. So... instead of whining, crying and begging for help... she went to work. And while she was working, she was also going to community college. So now she is ready to begin her studies at UTD (University of Texas Dallas).

I may never meet this person. But I wanted to send out a little energy to her with this blog and say "well done"!!!

There is a lot of talk that our world is pretty much doomed, people suck and so on, but I refuse to bend to that logic or mindset. I think instead that people get tired, or sick and sometimes they get beaten down by the hardships that they weren't prepared for. This is when they need someone to wander by and say "YOU'VE GOT THIS" or keep going. I do think that every now and then you need to offer help and I also think that sometimes you have to ask for help.


So for those of you who are:
working your tail off with no end in sight
overwhelmed by life and love
having difficulty making your dreams come true

I have your back and I believe in you

best regards,