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I will try to make this less of a rant and more of an observation on the way I feel today. Monday of this week, two poor souls collided, and now both of them are dead. One shot by the other and the shooter took his life. You may have seen it on the news while you were waiting for the baseball scores.

Sounds like a typical story on the news.” but today; it happened in my office, one floor above me. It was close enough for me to hear the gunshots and the running feet.

Fast forward to today, people are back to “normal.” Translation… they have returned to their "individual coma's" as if this never happened.

If we are to make a difference, we must remain conscious. I’m confident that this planet can no longer stand the loss of one more person, one more blade of grass or the loss of one more species. Still, we continue to respond as if “someone else” is going to do something… soon; and all we will have to do is applaud without getting our hands dirty or being inconvenienced.

Living deliberately, consciously walking our own individual paths while "doing no harm" to ourselves or others is a responsibility that we should all embrace… unfortunately for some; it’s just too much work.

Be peaceful today. Hug your children. Take a risk. Talk to a stranger. What will you be doing on the last day of your life? You don’t know. No one does. So make this day the best day you have ever had.