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kitten worry
My philosophy on hypnosis is that problem, challenges and illness give you an opportunity to experience your life at a totally difference level.

There have been many examples so of people whom had serious health issues or injuries that literally "woke up" from their existing "trance reality" and took on a whole new life. Everyone has things happen to them.

Here's an example:
Bob gets up late, drives to work and gets griped at by his boss who threatens to fire him if he's late again. Now, he's in a bad mood as a result of having his job threatened and yells at his secretary who then breaks down, cries and quits her job.

Bob now has lost the best secretary he's ever had and now will have to try to apologize and get her back or hire a new one. The cycle continues with each resulting person Bob comes into contact with getting mad or hurt until he gets home has a fight with his wife who then yells at her kid, who go outside and sees the family cat and he kicks it.

The moral of this story is Bob should have gone outside as soon as he got up and kicked his family cat and saved everyone else the trouble. Or he could have gotten up on time.

We all have things that “just happen but do they? Learning to manage your emotional states is just one of the skills that ought to be taught in school or at least demonstrated by adults. Nothing really just happens. You are either managing your emotional state or it's managing you. Ok, back to Bob.

Bob gets up late and decides that he has a choice on how to handle this. He could call in and say “I'm going to be later than usual. He could take the entire day off and take his wife and child to the park or a movie or something. He could decide that his impending “butt-chewing from the boss is warranted or he could decide something completely different and decide that his boss yelling at him is a sign that he could do better at his job. And the volume that his boss is using to express his displeasure is a sign that Bob needs to turn up the dial and function at the level his Boss knows he's capable of. Hmmm.

That's a nice spin on a potential problem and turn it into a signal that something needs to change. That's usually what it means anyway. Because a day from now Bob is going to land the bigger contract client the company has ever had and they will send him on all expense paid vacation as a “thank you for a job well done.

There are also many ways to manage your emotional state starting with what my Mom told me when I was a kid. Count to 10 before you saying anything. This actually works. You take-in a deep breath and hold it while you are counting to 10. The carbon dioxide in your lungs will begin to build up and your brain will send a signal that you need to let that breath out and take a deep breath of oxygen. What exactly happens with your brain chemistry is something I'll have to look up again but it's effective.

Another way my favorite is what I like to call “inoculation". We are all connected to one another and if you put yourself into a really good mood before you go somewhere you affect or infect (whichever you prefer) everyone around you with this good mood.

Just like Bob infected everyone with his bad mood the reverse is true as well. Bad moods are powerful emotions so you will have to practice a little so you can make you good moods stronger. Think about the first time you made love with your partner or when you fell in love for the first time. There is no bad mood that can compete with love.

Michael Harris, PhD