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This "Getting To Know You" telephone or Skype call session is specifically designed so that we can get to know a bit about each other, what your needs are, and determine if I am the correct person to help you ot if you need to be referered to anothe type of professional. click here to schedule a preview appointment

How to Book a Hypnosis / Coaching appointment.
Booking a appointment with me is pretty simple. Decide which type of appointment that you wish, Coaching or Hypnosis. If not sure send
Then just call the number 214-702-33774  and leave a message or click the links below and pre-pay your session. Someone will conect with you in 24 hours. 

Pakage of 5 Hypnosis or Coaching Sessions 
Some people have long-term trauma medical or dental issues that require more extenisve work that just a simple stop smoking appoinitment. Individuals or this nature or person who wish to save money frequently purchse this package. It is also not unusual for the persson to resolve their issue and gift the remaining sessions to a friend or relative.
Price: $485.00


 Package of 3 Hypnosis or Coaching Sessions

Most issues concerning habits, unwanted behaviors, fears and phobias can usually be cleared up with 3 sessions.
The client can expect to recieve an audio to listen to at home and yes I give homework. The more active the client is
in thier healing the faster they can expect lasting results.
Price: $297.00

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