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May 2015 Newsletter

Hi everyone!

Yes, it’s been a while since my last newsletter… I will do a better job at posting these at least monthly.

In case you don’t know, I now have a new administrative assistance which is actually why I’m able to have time to write this newsletter. She is also in charge of my appointment book so if you need or want an appointment, please call 214-702-3774 and she will get back with you, either same day or within 24 hours. I also have a deal on Living Social, click here and check it out

Big News! I am doing a strategic partnership with my friend and colleague, Sally Stubbs. She and I are doing a series of videos which help explain the RAPHA™ Hypnosis process and we will have lots of electronic products available for those who wish to have access to the best hypnotic change work available without having to come into my office or fly to the UK to see Sally. AND we have a special 30% discount… use code : MH1 at the checkout

Quick Technique on the Month (I’ll post a video next month)

Lengthen your movie

One of the best ways to help manage your emotions is by paying attention to your automatic responses. Some people have “flash” anger, sadness, anxiety, etc and it may seem like you don't’ have nay control over those emotions… but you do.

A simple way of observing how you do what you do is by placing sticky notes on the floor and stepping into the various phases of this response. Generally it’s happening so quickly in your head that before you know it you’ve gone from neutral to whatever emotional state.

1. neutral state

2. trigger – you may have to do this several times to discover what happens visually, auditorly or kinesthetically JUST before you go into that problem state

3. emotional state – stand in this and feel whatever emotion you’re having then STEP OUT OF IT

4. decompression – how do you get out of that state after you’ve had your reaction?

5. neutral state – everyone goes back to neutral at some point

By doing this several times can give you some insight about what your triggers are and how you respond. By practicing this several times you can notice your internal state BEFORE you go into that negative state and you CAN INTERRUPT IT and make another choice… if you want to know more about this call me 214-702-3774 or email me

New Products :
 -End-Anger-CD 147 Harmonious--Relationships-CD 120 Hypnosis-Weight-Loss-CD 113 Stop-Smoking-CD 140

View all of Sally Stubbs Rapha™ Hypnosis

My latest radio interview:
Accessing the Unconscious: Michael Harris on Hypnotherapy 
April 8, 2015 Hosted by Alise Cortez, PhD 
[Download MP3] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode]

Blog articles:
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My favorite radio shows:

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Newest videos:
'Goal Setting' - Rapha Therapy System - The 1st Stage 
'Mastering Motivation' - Rapha Therapy System -The 2nd Stage 
Deconstruct Negative Beliefs - Rapha Therapy System - The 3rd Stage 
Rapha Therapy & Deconstructing Negative Beliefs (Pt 2) 
Sally & I discussing building positive beliefs: Stage 4 in her Rapha Therapy System 
Metaphorical Stories and their role in the Rapha Therapy System

Events in 2015:

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Andrew T Austin
- Our first in-depth training in Metaphors of Movement with Andy Austin! This material continues to develop, with new fascinating and useful learning experiences each year. The 2015 Training will include the most potent material from the year of development.

This training is open to everyone: Those new to this material are welcome along with those returning for more.

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Here's an interesting way to begin the Big Email.

It's my birthday today!!! It's one on my favorite days not because it's so wonderful that I was born, but because I get to give stuff away to my friends. So Today and for the rest of this month I'm going to offer a BIG GIFT.

For the first 55 people who contact me I'm going to give them a hypnosis sesison for $55. Just send me an email and I'll set an appointment with you or someone you love.

Now on with the good stuff...


THE BIG EMAIL for the subscribers of and

I know the last two weeks have been crazy with moving and some other things that do not rate being mentioned… but we are back online and moving forward. I also apologize for not having the videos where you can watch them without leaving this page. Our IT guru is working fast and furiously to correct that issue.

If you haven't been online or happen to live under a rock you probably don't know I've already begun to book appointments for the November John Thomas Food Pantry project I do annually. If you or you have a friend that is interested in getting a hypnosis appointment to solve a problem, a habit, a behavior, etc… NOW IS THE TIME to send me an email (put 5 cans of food into the subject line) or call the office number 214-702-3774 and set your appointment while they are still available. I did 57 appointments last year and I doing 67 this year and I’ve already booked 17 appointments… NOW IS THE TIME TO SCORE SOME FREE HYPNOSIS

The NEW website is almost ready launch! I think it will be live by this weekend but don’t quote me, every time I say something is going to happen something unforeseen gets into the cue… So… MAYBE the site will be live this weekend, if it happens this guy will be very happy. I’m hoping you will be too, we've added lots of functionality and goodies on the back-end that for those who are members will be very pleased and those who are not yet members… I guess you’ll just have to sign up to find out what the Buzz is about.