100 Days Of Trance

100 days of Trance

100 Days of Trance? Why would anyone do that? Well, there are several answers that I can give you, and all of them seem to have value, at least, for now… opinions vary.

The first reason is I wish to take my hypnosis skill set up a notch. It’s more like I want a quantum leap. So my thoughts are 100 days of anything are the equivalent of about a year of practice. So, if you could get a year’s worth of experience or practice in three months and ten days, would you?

The second reason is that I have had an opportunity to train with some of the best in my industry and I’ve promised myself, for a while, that I would revisit these learnings and do my best to make these skills more reflexive. But like most things, the best-laid plans tend to get pushed to the side when more urgent daily things call your name. So at this particular moment in time… I’m making good on my promise to myself.

The third reason may or may not make any sense, but here goes. In our super modern, wired world, how much time to we actually take to work on our personal evolution? Or go on a spiritual journey or vision quest? My guess… not much.

I’m going to quote a movie, and if you haven’t seen it, I can save you about 3 hours but telling you this one thing. In the movie, The Doors, there is a scene, where Jim Morrison is explaining to his girlfriend Pam, what a shaman is and how healing through trance (using, specifically, peyote) can heal the entire village. My thoughts are that Jim Morrison’s intention was to heal an entire generation; unfortunately, for Jim Morrison, his use of drugs killed him before he accomplished his goal.

It’s a noble ambition. For me, since the 70’s and 80’s are over… drugs aren’t an option. And now that I know about hypnosis, drugs are really unnecessary. I kind of wish that I had known about hypnosis far earlier in my life, I might have saved myself and others some time, grief and this article would have been a book and weekend intensive; far sooner.

Parameters for 100 days of trance

Here are the basics of the 100 days project:

1. break the project into 10, 10-day segments

2. 30 min of trance, 30 min to write about experiences, thoughts, learnings

3. post daily to 100 days of. and get readers to participate, if interested

The 10-day Segments

1-10 (The cleanup – simple trance, cleaning up any leftover doubt, anger, worthiness, etc.)

11-20 (trance phenomena, except Deep Trance Identification)

21-30 (trance phenomena continued)

31-40 (Shamanistic Healing)

41-50 (Remote Healing)

51-60 (Remote Viewing)

61-70 (Family, Global Healing)

71-80 (Deep Trance Identification)

81-90 (Deep Trance Identification)

91-100 (Possession)

Days 1-10 The cleanup

Before you climb a mountain, run a race or do anything, you might consider preparing for that activity. If you wish to run a marathon, and you aren’t currently running 4-5 days a week, you may be surprised when you find that an ambulance is needed. I’m a huge proponent of the 5 Ps. Proper Preparation Precedes Peak Performance.

100 days of trance

Day 1 — 30 min

Time went pretty fast today. I was in my safe space and traveling. Had some interesting visions of going into the jungle to gather plants and vines. Next, I’m traveling along a road at high speed under the wheels of an 18 wheeler, I’m going too fast for the weight to affect me. Next was a train, same results then I decide to test the train and I stand on the track and the train passes through me. I won’t bother to try to decipher this at the moment… first trance of many… I guess I passed the “doubts” test, lol.

100 days of trance

Day 2 — Anger

I’m furious today… at myself at others who have hurt me or I allowed to hurt me
There is definitely a pattern here of me expecting the outside world to share my visions, to understand what they haven’t bothered to examine…

I need to forgive myself for not knowing… and have a conversation with my best friend anger… he has never let me down 🙂

Weird trance… very deep. I need to remember to tell myself to “record it”.
I thought I was going to have a conversation with anger the last thing I remember
was opening the many trunks and the filmstrip bugs…

I do know that I need to forgive myself and anyone else who has cursed me or told me things based on their model of the world… it’s what people do including myself.

I need to be fierce… I need to let go of the need to receive outside verification that what I am doing is correct. How many times have I tried to get the masses to believe me before it was time?… this is no different

I am awake… I feel the pull to sleep, to hide, to wait… the waiting is over and it’s time for my next dose of trance… I will sit this time and talk with anger.

100 days of trance

Day 3 — Sadness

I felt a great sadness around me today… sorrow, pity, hopelessness… It isn’t mine
There are things I have felt sad about a loss, or perceived loss, I felt myself connect, powerfully but it isn’t my power I can just use it when I need to. I have felt scared the original trance was supposed to be about that but it changed, again.

I feel a great alignment is happening… not magical but it’s time to align all the circuits and live

The biggest illusion is that we are alone and that we must do this life alone. We are not alone we are together… logically I know we are one but I don’t feel that yet.

There’s time… I will return to this place again today.

100 days of trance

Day 4 — Stillness

being still is HARD. My last memory of being quiet or still brought great sadness, tears, not today. I am still peaceful but feel strange… My color in the mirror was pallid, gray but I’m sure that is temporary. I need coffee haven’t had any so I do not wish to provoke a headache.

I need to return to this trance. My vision is a single drop… frozen in time and space. I’ll try again this afternoon. my question is “What happens when everything is still”?

100 days of trance

Day 5 — Failure

We all fail or do we? Failure is not meeting someone else’s rules, expectations or goals. We also set ourselves up for this type of misery. The only way you can fail is by stopping. If you continue you will succeed.

This whole topic is based on worthiness and the game that is played with all humans. If I do this, or if I do that… then will you love me?

I chose to love myself with complete acceptance of all my perceived human flaws.

100 days of trance

Day 6 — Maai

maai, proper distance,  the interval between human relations, self and other(s) and the harmony between those relations.

(room to maneuver) as an adaptively changing dialectical Self-Other relationship, which is achieved through appropriate distancing. In the Japanese culture, distancing is maai (ma, spatiotemporal interval + ai, harmony). Maai integrates space, time, and rhythm, dimensions of being that are deeply rooted in all human actions and relations. Maai is the art of relating and communicating within constructed space-time intervals in and through which people interact.

The purpose of the present study is to elaborate a phenomenological and genetic understanding of highly developed forms of distancing, that is, of our understanding of mastery in maai. Although there exist several good descriptions of distancing in everyday life, little is known about how it operates in experts. As a case in point, we analyze maai in the martial arts (karate), where distancing is taught, mastered, and conceptualized to various degrees by teachers and students, and therefore rises to the level of consciousness.

adding this new aspect of harmony into this concept, of proper distance means many things. I think I could spend a lifetime playing with these subtleties. Even the awareness of the maai between cells, the expansion of blood vessels… just wow.

But who can I discuss this with? probably me, myself and I, lol

100 days of trance

Day 7 — The Space Between

feeling funky off and on
I realize that everything is okay at the moment. Is it my need for drama, problems to fix and other people’s stuff that I am craving so I don’t have to look and feel what’s going on inside? What is going on inside? Pretty much nothing out of the ordinary.

I have always feared comfort, complacency, and death. what will I seek after this trance period? maybe nothing… maybe everything… time for trance and that space between it all…

strange trance today… I don’t remember much after I got up. I have a persistent headache that hasn’t gone away; physical things generally indicate I’m getting close to something wonderful. Maybe I will remember more later…

100 days of trance

Day 8 — permission

Today trance was supposed to be about finally discharging the last remnants of guilt, fear, shame, doubt. Of course, it went a different direction. The unconscious knows what needs to be done in order to complete this task.

This trance was definitely a learning trance. The message we receive from our parents, our society, our clergy, and any other authority is… you can’t fight back, you are not enough, “they” are in control and you are not.

We take this message in and construct complete realities around it to make it true, but it isn’t true. We are 100% capable of creating our own reality where we are safe, where we are loved and our thoughts and feelings are valid.

The transformation is happening. I get to be me whether anyone approves or not.
What will it be like now that the chains of obedience, rule-following, and fear are broken? I guess we’ll just have to find out as we go.

100 days of trance

Day 9 — the triangle

The proper combination of compassion, humor, and fierceness. A short trance. No hurling thunderbolts from mountaintop to mountaintop. Tomorrow is the last day of this warm-up period… I’m ready to start the next phase… stay tuned

100 days of trance

Day 10 — the overnight

Although I did sleep last night my unconscious was VERY busy. Trance is an interesting thing as in it is happening at all times, whether we are paying attention to it or no. Bedtime seems to be, for me, the time where my unconscious says, ” Hey look! He’s sleeping, let’s party!!!”. Doesn’t make for restful sleep although I do have interesting and very active dreams.

Dreams, themselves, aren’t something I pay a look of attention unless they are repetitive, they wake me up or if I can vividly remember them an hour or so after waking. THOSE ARE MESSAGES and definitely worth evaluating for a clue to what you need to do next. Sometimes it’s something you need to remember, sometimes it’s unprocessed emotions that need to be noticed and validated and sometimes it’s the answers to the questions you’ve asked yourself a few day or weeks ago.

My perspective on trance is more Ericksonian than Clinical. Clinical Hypnosis presupposes that you are awake and trance is something you go into, either by yourself or facilitated by someone else. Ericksonian Hypnosis presupposes that you are in trance at all times and sometimes that trance you are currently in isn’t as useful or fully resourced as some other trance that you could choose if you had the resources.

I’m kind of glad that this internal reflection period of this 100 days is over. I have felt a rocket sled of emotions and have felt just plain funky for several days. I also NEVER get headaches unless I am ill or have a sinus infection. One of the more curious side effects of this work is I have had days-long headaches that seem to be dulled by eating and then they come back again. I’m sure this is “some signal” but hopefully will pass. And I’m looking forward to the next phase… I’ll write about that tomorrow.


Day 11 — Disassociation

This is a process that forms the basis for many of the hypnotic phenomena. It is the dissociation from the conscious and unconscious minds, suspending the logical, rational and intellectualized thought processes. This can lead to things such as positive and negative hallucinations; it’s a good stepping stone.
Today’s trance has been ongoing since last night. It came on so fast I didn’t notice it until I got up this morning and I was still disassociated from my feelings. I literally couldn’t feel my body with the exception of being able to walk, talk, breathe, etc.
For me, the easiest way to disassociate is anger… I’ve had a lot of practice doing that one. It’s easy to maintain with minimal consequences or so I think while in that emotional state. The reality is that it is very energy-absorbing state kind of like a wildfire that consumes everything in its wake. read more…

100 days of trance

Day 12 – Amnesia

Amnesia…just the suggestion of that word, sparks all kinds of meaning and conditions that people refer to as memory loss and/or amnesia. My first experience of hypnotic amnesia came from reading textbooks on hypnosis during my studies. The type of “amnesia” I’m going to be discussing has to do with hypnotic phenomena and not necessarily head injury or medical surgery, although it’s part of the list; it isn’t the focal point of this writing. As part of my 100 days of Trance writing, I am doing detailed explanations of the different types of hypnotic phenomena. read more…


Day 13 – Analgesia

Analgesia, whether hypnotic or chemically induced is the dulling or numbing in the awareness of pain. It’s easy to do and most people get relief immediately. This is slightly different to anesthesia which results in the complete lack of pain awareness, if which I will post about soon.

The exact same procedure can be done with hypnotic suggestion only there are no side effects like stroke, heart attack, the removal of your stomach lining or the failure of your liver. Hypnotic analgesia is safe for anyone and can be generally suggested by the person, themselves in just a few minutes.

An example of this is suggesting numbness in body parts, or a body part pricked by a needle with no feeling. Probably the best-known hypnotist in the area of pain reduction for medical and dental procedures was Dave Elman. Here’s a link to a classic Elman inductionread more


Day 14 – Hyperesthesia

Hyperesthesia is increased of sensitivity to the body, skin or specific areas of the body.  It is a condition that can involve an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the senses. Stimuli of the senses can include sound that one hears, foods that one tastes, textures that one feels, and so forth. 
Generally, when someone comes in, for treatment with a hypersensitivity issue, it’s something that is causing a problem in one or more areas of the person’s life. The person’s sensitivity isn’t limited to just tactile sensitivity.
I have met people who cannot stand to watch any action movies, people who react violently to noise, smells, tastes and the list goes on. For the individual who has these issues… I have great news! Anything that can be induced and be reduced or removed. read more


Day 15 – Catalepsy

Catalepsy. Almost everyone has seen or at least heard about hypnotic catalepsy. There is even a game called “light as a feather, stiff as a board” that you may have played while doing a sleepover while you were a kid. And there are several movies that feature these hypnotic phenomena. It’s pretty simple… people follow instructions.
read more


Day 16 – Frequencies

100 days of Trance… day 16 Frequencies It’s all about the frequencies. The human body is a giant battery (think The Matrix) that has it’s own energy source and interacts with the other human and non-human batteries within its sphere read more 

repetition is hypnotic

Day 17 – Repetition is Hypnotic

Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic. Repetition is hypnotic.

There is no better way to say that. If you look at our commercials, our newscasts or everyday language you will find endless repetition. What is this? BECAUSE IT WORKS… PERIOD. If you want to change your life, you need to practice repetition. read more


Day 18 – Revivification

Revivification is the reliving of an incident at the time at which it occurred, in the present tense. In a true revivification, the memories after the age to which the subject is regressed can be eliminated. Under hypnosis, a subject may even demonstrate the personality traits or handwriting of the earlier age. read more

age progession

Day 19  – Age Progression

The most interesting thing about the human mind is that we can be any age that we choose. The problems begin when we either don’t know that we are doing this or it becomes so ingrained in our behavior that we take it on as a reality. Today’s trance was about how and when age progression occurs and what metaphorical representations occur in daily life. read more

broken toe

Day 20 – Broken Toe

Well, I broke my toe this morning. Or I at least I think it’s a broken toe, it’s swollen and painful.
I guess that what I get for not putting the bench back. I moved it for the maintenance man.

Frequently we have “little things” happen during the day that, in my opinion, are messages from the unconscious mind. Sometimes is just something simple like “HEY, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS”. While other times it can be a request for you to slow down or take a day off to just be a human being; instead of a human doing. read more

just letting go

Day 21 – Just letting go.

What a simple concept, if only it were as easy to do as it is easy to say. My opinion is that it is, on most days. Today’s trance is about sitting still and floating on top of whatever is impinging on your world. It could almost be classified as a meditation but since there is a goal here; we will go with the trance definition. read more


Day 22 – Depersonalization

Today’s Trance is about the hypnotic phenomena, depersonalization. And how to use it for personal growth. People travel to the tops of mountains. They go to the jungles of Peru or ingest a wide variety of legal and illegal substances, with one goal in mind. The goal is to see beyond our limited selves and make some profound discovery. This may seem very attractive to many. Some people make this journey, others do not and still, others get lost along the way. read more

deep trance identification

Day 23 – Deep Trance Identification

Deep Trance Identification, which is similar to depersonalization, is the hypnotic process of taking on another’s personality and traits, for a short time. The process, from an observer standpoint, is amazing and can be a little intimidating. Todays’ trance was about setting the criteria for the list of people I am going to deep trance identify with during my 100 days of Trance project. read more


Day 24 – healing

Today’s trance is about being still… unwinding the knots and letting things be. No judgment, nothing fix… just stillness… this breath in, this breath out and the infinite space between heartbeats…


Day 25 – Suggestibility in Trance

Suggestibility in Trance? Are people more likely to respond to suggestions in my office versus walking around on the street? This depends on your definition of hypnosis from a Clinical or Ericksonian Hypnosis perspective. It also largely depends on the level or report that you have with the person when the suggestion is made. My personal opinion is that people are in trance most of the time. It also depends on whether you are offering them a better trance than the one they are in. read more


Day 26 – Impermanence

Today’s trance is on the impermanence of our lives. This morning I woke up and noticed that everything in my life is now completely different than it was 6 weeks ago. This isn’t good or bad it’s just different. We as humans frequently grasp at the things so we can hold on to them a little longer. Not knowing that it is that grasping that makes them disappear more quickly. read more


Day 27 – Positive Hallucination

Today’s trance is about positive hallucination and the effects it can create in trance and in everyday life. The most interesting part about hypnotic phenomena is that it also occurs in waking states. This fact, to me, creates more credence that trance isn’t something you go in and out of, it just varies in-depth and breadth. read more


Day 28 – Absorption

Consistent trance practice is similar to any other exercise… it can be overdone. 
Your consciousness and emotions become wide open. Remember to set personal and internal boundaries.
You cannot solve every problem or heal every wound, sometimes the learning is the problem or wound. The experience you or others gained while receiving it gives knowledge that cannot be learned any other way.
The only control you have is choosing your response to what happens in life rather than reacting, reflexively.

time distortion

Day 29 – Time Distortion

Todays’ trance is about time distortion. Humans have the fantastic ability to modify their perception of time. Have you ever noticed that activities you enjoy seem to go by very quickly and that activities that you do not enjoy or have little interest for; seem… to… take… forever? It’s because we can modify time at will, it’s awesome!!! read more

The 3 Reasons Most People Fail

Day 30 – The 3 Reasons Most People Fail and How to Avoid These Mistakes.

The 3 reasons most people fail isn’t a big mystery; it’s actually pretty simple. Most people do not follow their dreams and goals EXACTLY  the way they planned them out. Today’s trance is about having the tenacity and courage to follow your dreams and goals, even when there is no evidence that you are on the right path. I woke up this morning with this article in my head. Who says you need a formal trance for great information? read more

negative hallucination

Day 31 – Negative Hallucination

A negative hallucination is removing the perception of stimulus that exists; this could be not seeing an object or person that is really there, not smelling a smell that is present, etc. This might sound a little counter-intuitive but if you think about it, you’ll get pretty fast. read more

Day 32 – Lost Focus

What was more important than keeping my word about posting daily? Apparently, everything… notes to self… pay attention to my circus and my monkey sand that not all trances are created equal… This evaluation of this must be; what is it that I am avoiding or choosing not to pay attention to whilst I’m watching the external drama? Time will tell…

remote healing

Day 33 – Remote Healing – Day 1 of 10

Is Remote Healing really part of hypnosis? I think the answer here is, yes. If you think about how humans we are, in essence, organic batteries or better yet, power stations. Many people feel, or see or somehow perceive energy; and no, we aren’t going to start chanting, (well maybe). read more

remote healing day 2

Day 34 – Remote Healing Day 2… Anxiety as an Energy Experience

Remote Healing Day 2 is taking a fun turn in today’s writing. It is about an unusual experience I had yesterday while talking with a client. This particular client has lots of things going on in their life and particularly anxiety that is preventing the client from sleeping well or very deeply. read more

remote healing day 3

Day 35 – Remote Healing Day 3… more information

For my remote healing exercise, today, I got permission from a yoga client of mine to do a ‘checkout dive”. This individual, I’ve known for lots of years, but this will be completely different learning on my part. 

It’s also useful to note that the client did not request any specific healing of any kind so I’m just kind of observing what I can see, hear, feel and know from this individual. I’m honing my skills so I’m noticing what I’m noticing and then I talk to the person to calibrate my skills. I seem to be getting more information each time I do this process, but I am still nervous about accuracy. read more

remote healing day 4

Day 36 – Remote Healing Day 4 – one-two punches

Remote healing day 4 trance time was hard today. The subject is someone I know very well but I didn’t expect to feel and see what I did. When the trance was completed it felt like I had been receiving a series of 1-2 punches.

I used to fight full contact so I remember that feeling of being punched 700-800 times; it starts to sting after a while. Having expectations, also, probably isn’t the best policy to have in regards to remote healing. Lesson learned. Go in, observe, do what you can do (if anything) and let the universe take care of the details. read more

Day 37 – Remote Healing… Day 5… Healing Request?

Remote healing day 5 healing request? I had a healing request but nothing specific. I’m not really sure what to do about that? Perhaps I’m supposed to be psychic as well, lol. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m getting pissy about this; it’s just easier when I have a target to shoot at. read more

remote healing day 5

Day 38 – Remote Healing day 5 – Feeling Blocked

Remote Healing day 5, the subject is feeling blocked. People use the vaguest language and descriptions, lol. I get it. They either don’t really know what it is that they are feeling or they really just don’t want to talk about it, lest the tears, anger or whatever other emotion begins to pour out. Depending on the context you are in this could be a huge problem. Society doesn’t know how to act when humans aren’t calm, controlled and moving another with the other borgs. read more

remote healing day 6

Day 39 – Remote Healing day 6

Remote Healing day 6 hit about a 10 on my weird-o-meter today. I verified with the subject if she felt anything. She said “I felt what I would call two bursts in my chest…took me off guard. Then I felt what I’d call ease. Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Quick and subsided.” I would call that a yes!

I’m trying to get more feedback from the subjects after the session, again to calibrate what I’m experiencing, as accurate. Today was definitely a win. read more

more dreams

Day 40 – More Dreams… New Information

I have had more dreams than I normally do during this 100 days of Trance project. They seem to be very intense, full color and full of representations that possibly I have ignored or just didn’t make the connection.

We all have the ability to process whatever feelings, experiences and problems that occur in our day-to-day lives. The question here is is do you TAKE THE TIME to process them?  For whatever reason, I decided to begin this project it seems to be morphing into a greater learning than I have imagined. read more

remote healing day 7

Day 41 – Remote Healing day 7 – Bullies-R-Us

Today’s article, which is remote healing day 7, is entitled “Bullies-R-Us. We all have our interesting ways of dealing with stress and usually, we draw on our childhood training. When people are stressed or afraid, angry or hurt they will respond in 4 ways. read more

automatic writing

Day 42 – Automatic Writing… A Hypnotic Learning Tool

Automatic Writing; possibly is the least understood of all the hypnotic phenomena is today’s topic for the 100 days of Trance project. I wrote an article the other day and thought I’d probably need to do this article so people would have a frame of reference.

I’m going to do several examples, in this article and in a few days I’m going to be moving over to remote viewing and automatic writing is an intrinsic portion of how the remote viewing works. read more


automatic writing day 2

Day 43 – Automatic Writing Day 2

Automatic Writing day 2. I decided to do a couple of more days on this automatic writing thing. Don’t know if I will see a pattern or get some new insight that I haven’t had before. The concept of automatic writing is here in an article I wrote. read more

automatic writing 4

Day 44 Automatic Writing day 3

seems to be getting clearer… what? Still to be determined…

automatic writing day 4

Day 45 – Automatic Writing day 4

more scribbles… still nothing that makes sense, at least to my conscious mind… maybe later after the trance…

automatic writing day 5

Day 46 – Automatic Writing day 5

The automatic writing day 5 session was interesting. It was frustrating that I couldn’t sit up for the whole session. Laid down and just let my left hand do its thing; I usually try to keep the pen moving the whole time, I noticed it was harder to do today. When I returned back to the planet I was surprised to see a face. Words are beginning to form into something that may actually be readable at some point. I’m getting lots of emails from people who see this or that; I’d love to hear what you see. read more

automatic writing day 6

Day 47 -Automatic Writing Day 6… Mind Blown

The automatic writing day 6 process, began long before I sat down (lay down) to the drawing. I was thinking about a friend of mine who sent me a message about what she saw. She saw a girl in a dress in yesterday’s drawing. I completely missed it. read more

automatic writing day 7

Day 48 – Automatic Writing Day 7… Which View?

The automatic writing day 7 drawing has a very confusing image to me today. The concept here is how to give yourself permission to defend yourself in a way that expends none of your energy or resources. Defend is also an interesting term, which may include preemptive strategies. At first, I was thinking Art of War. Then I segwayed over into the Aikido realm. But that is still fighting, posturing and counterattacking. It’s been done, ad Infinitum, ad nauseum. read more

automatic writing day 8

Day 49 – Automatic Writing day 8… The Reason We Fear

When automatic writing day 8 session began. I was convinced that I had my answers and was ready to conclude this and move on to my next project in the 100 days of trance schedule. After looking at today’s drawing I’m not certain I’m done but I’m very close. And while I was busy looking for that I’ve discovered why we fear… everything.

I went home yesterday, determined to re-watch a Beautiful Mind, grab some snippets of the genius process and move right along down the road. As stated previously, I’ve been wrong before. When you do enough trance-work you get used to going in directions that you hadn’t planned. Yesterday was no different. I came across a movie, Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon and decided to watch it. read more

automatic writing day 9

Day 50 – Automatic Writing Day 9 -The Perfect Circle

Automatic writing day 9 started with a bang this morning. I got a snarky text from someone that just completely amused me. The contents of that text are private but I can say it was designed to instill fear, dread or something else I can’t imagine…  lol, FAIL!!! What a perfect way to end this segment of the 100 days of trance. read more

Day 51 -Remote Viewing day 1

Remote viewing day 1, a change in trance protocol for me. I’ve never done any formal remote viewing although I do get the occasional intuitive flashes of things. This will be more deliberate. Hopefully, it will be more succinct than automatic writing was. My conscious mind will appreciate something that it recognizes as a success, although the automatic writing wasn’t a fail. read more

remote healing

Day 52 – Additional Remote Healing

Doing remote healing on my favorite dog who belongs to one of my favorite clients… I’ll let know how this goes… read more

Day 53 – Remote Viewing Day 2

Remote viewing day 2. I found a pretty informative video on remote viewing. It talks about the different versions and a progression for a how-to, which I thought was very well put together.

According to the video, I am using the psychic method of remote viewing. This means I am projecting myself to whatever location or thing I’m viewing, rather than letting the view come to me. I will try the other class remote viewing method in 3 more days. read more

remote viewing day 3

Day 54 – Remote Viewing Day 3… Why Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing day 3 is going to be more of an explanation of WHY REMOTE VIEWING. I had a colleague tell me yesterday that my remote viewing articles were less interesting than some of the other hypnotic topics I’ve been writing about during these 100 days of trance. So this article will be an attempt to add some interest to this segment that hopefully, will make sense. Additionally, prior to this 100-day project, I have had no interest in remote viewing; it’s not hypnosis… it’s a trance. So I apologize if I have unintentionally made this segment boring.
read more

remote viewing day 4
Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy

Day 55 – Remote Viewing Day 4 

Remote viewing day 4 is going to be counted by me as a fail. I got one or two components of the view. However, if you look at the photo you can see so much of the detail that I missed. To my credit, I got the pool and the Zeus statue. I’m just really disappointed in this remote viewing. read more

remote viewing day 5

Day 56 – Remote Viewing day 5

Remote Viewing day 5, the target was Coronado Island, San Diego California. I’m kind of glad today is the last day of this portion of the remote viewing segment. The next 5 days will be a more traditional style of remote viewing, i.e. eyes open, pencil moving the whole time. The most important aspect is the view comes to you rather than you going to the target. Should be interesting since I’ve never done that either. (smiles) read more

remote view day 6

Day 57 – Remote Viewing day 6

Remote Viewing day 6 is going to be something fun, picking a stock. I have a friend of mine who invests in the stock market.  and I asked her to pick a stock and she chose Xerox. I had to look up the symbol so the view is slightly tainted as my trusty Google search showed me a downturn in the stock. read more

remote viewing day 7

Day 58 – Remote Viewing Day 7

Remote viewing day 7 was a blind location and sealed target. I had a friend of mine put a photo in an envelope and seal it. She then placed the envelope in a location unknown by me, My job was to find the location of the envelope and view the contents; which I knew was a photo. read more


Day 59 –  Patterns… 

I met a person today who will be my first subject for family and generational healing. 
Can autoimmune disorders come from repetitive trauma AND change your genetic coding? I think so… 
Frequently these disorders have no cause or cure in modern medicine. But the old medicine, energy healers, and shamanic practices have had better results… stay tuned

healing begins in your chakras

Day 60 – Healing Begins in Your Chakras

If healing begins in your chakras and you really want to heal yourself or heal someone else; you may need to heal your own chakras first. This might sound oversimplified but it’s really just that simple. Notice I didn’t say easy. I think there is a lot of confusion between the words simple and easy. If you decide to take on this task you will definitely be able to tell the difference. The next segment of my 100 days of trance is going to be about family and generational healing. read more

giant goose egg

Day 61 – Remote Viewing day 8 – Giant Goose Egg

I got the location and the contents of the envelope completely wrong… I guess that since “the experts” average 80-85% accuracy, this is acceptable learning… tomorrow another day…

taking short breaks to improve focus

Day 62 -Taking Short Breaks To Improve Focus

I will be taking short breaks to improve focus for the remainder of this project. I have found that some of the intensity of the trancework requires me to sleep, goof off or just do something else after some of the recent trancework I’m engaged in right now. read more

Day 63 – The Base/Root Chakra… The Sum of All Fears

The Root Chakra is the place to begin this trance story. I wrote an article recently, Healing Begins In Your Chakras, after which I decided to go through this process is part of clearing the channel for the family and generational healing segment of the 100 days of trance. So I can tell you a couple of things if you’re interested? read more

sex chakra

Day 64 – Sex Chakra… A Trance Point of View

Sex chakra? What is that and what does that have to do with trance? I’ve had several people ask me what the past couple of segments have to do with hypnosis? My short answer… EVERYTHING. Hypnosis is what most people call trance, and they have a specific expectation (the conscious mind) about what hypnosis looks like, functions as and anything else not in that box is something else, entirely. I disagree. read more

breath chakra

Day 65 – Breath Chakra… Solutions For Shame

Breath Chakra. What is that? What’s it for? The short version is our identity. It’s difficult to live and move around on this planet and accomplish anything if you don’t know who you are. It’s especially difficult with the media and corporate lords doing their level best to turn you into a clone that is replaceable at any moment. The tool that is used is shame and shame is insidious, but curable. read more

heart chakra

Day 66 – Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra. This says it all. The heart chakra is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy. It is located in the center of the chest at the heart level and moves love through your life. It is the center of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. When it’s blocked everything, i.e. empathy, compassion, self-love or acceptance is virtually impossible or unavailable. This blockage sometimes comes from our Western definition of our emotions and the primary emotion that blocks the heart is grief. read more


throat chakra

Day 67 – Throat Chakra, the Circle of Lies?

The throat chakra is the center of your personal truth but if it’s blocked can be the center of a world of discontent. My path as a liar began the same way most people do. Omissions, family stories, trying to get out of or stay out of trouble. Then there was that short period of time (20 years) that I spend doing way too much cocaine, etc. and lying to everyone including myself. Not a path I recommend, although if you turn your worst mistakes into resources you can serve as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO for those willing to learn from other’s examples. read more

third eye chakra

Day 68 – Third Eye Chakra, Abandon Your Illusions

The third eye chakra has been an interesting trance experience. It sort of reminds me of an interview I saw with the Dali Llama. The interviewer asks the magic question, “are you enlightened?”, and the Dali Llama laughs and says, “not yet.” Kind says it all right there. read more

crown chakra

Day 69 – Crown Chakra, Release Your attachments

The Crown Chakra says, “you are infinite and divine”. How do you really know that, live that, keep a job and pay your bills? It’s an interesting quandary is it not? I think that that primary problem is we have all those worldly attachments. The Eastern view of attachments is definitely different from the Western view. I used to think if I had no possessions, lived modestly, that I would start glowing in the dark, lol. WRONG. read more

generational healing

Day 70 – Generational Healing, a Hypnotic Perspective

Generational healing is a topic that I found very little information about while researching this article. There are broad-based platitudes that, sort of, address some of the issues and the rest are a little too woo-woo even for me, and that takes a lot. As part of the 100 days of trance project, I feel it’s a topic that can’t be ignored. read more

personal change work

Day 71 – Personal Change Work for Generational Healing

Personal change work is needed for any problem or situation where YOU want the change to occur. It is neither the role or the responsibility of the other person, family or organization to change. That may seem confusing for people. We live in a world where the expectation is. “if you loved me enough… you would change”. This not only is ridiculous, and selfish, it’s also unfair to place your expectations on someone with or without their permission. I’ll bet I’ve said those words 10 times a week for the last twenty years, and yet, occasionally, I also am guilty of this. read more

family patterns

Day 72 – Family Patterns in Generational Healing

Family patterns in generational healing are going to be your next step in this investigative process. Where did you get those patterns? You guessed it, from the fam. My personal investigation has been an interesting trip through the way-back machine. I have been trying to sift through the stories and get to the actual information.

Example: I had been told my whole life that my uncle was murdered by his ex-prostitute wife and another, for his social security check. Fact check: he died of cirrhosis of the liver. Not as exciting as the first story but very telling in how my family handles death, illness, and trauma/drama. read more

no post

Day 73 – No post today

I’m in the middle of writing a script for the end of the generational healing segment. The article will be available on Monday… have a happy weekend.


Day 74 – Transformation – Healing Generations with Hypnosis

Transformation? Healing generations? Is this possible? I think so. But in order to answer this question, I think we need to look at the way things used to be, you know, in the “old days”. By old days, I mean before we decided that we needed to industrialize, homogenize and in most ways, dehumanize the population. read more

deep trance

Day 75 – Deep Trance, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? 

If you want to consider the hypnosis trance phenomena, deep trance identification in a practical way. The “guess who’s coming to dinner?” may be the best way to explain this segment of the 100 days of trance project. Let’s play a game. Think of 10 people living, death or imaginary that you would like to invite to a dinner party. read more

jim morrision

Day 76 – Jim Morrison – Deep Trance Identification Part 1 & 2

Jim Morrison is the subject of today’s short and long trance. The purpose of the short trance is to get impressions and ask permission from the person, spirit or entity, it’s just polite to do so. The purpose is to get permission, as previously stated, but also pay attention to what will make the connection easier and also what will hamper the connection. This article is going to span two completely different trance experiences, either on different days or different time periods. I haven’t decided whether I will need a trance guide to help with the second part. I guess I’ll just have to “wing it” and find out. read more

milton erickson

Day 77 – Milton Erickson Part 1 & 2

I have heard so many stories about Milton Erickson. All the books and published papers. Listened to those who knew and trained with him, but I wanted to meet him, myself. I have even trained with those who have “borrowed” Erickson’s stories and made them their own. Since he died in 1980 before I was even aware that he existed proposed a problem. Deep Trance Identification was going to be my only option here. read more

king solomon

Day 78 – King Solomon

You may be wondering why I picked King Solomon as a subject for deep trance identification? The answer is, I don’t really know why either. I’m not Jewish nor am I particularly interested in ANY organized religion. I needed a person and the rest of the subjects were famous in their own industries but none of them were particularly well-moneyed. So I took a shot to see what might happen. He is also the only person I picked that didn’t live in our “modern” civilization. I thought it might be interesting to get impressions from that era that have zero to do with what we are doing now. read more

Day 79 – Edgar Cayce

I’ve always had an admiration for Edgar Cayce, his work and the massive amount of readings that were recorded. There’s a secret place in my head where I also could see the future or diagnose illness. Additionally, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be the first person trying to do legitimate research. Or verification of his predictions while teaching others how to do this type of work. His plight must have been pretty scary. There are always the naysayers but the highly motivated zealots who wish to put you in jail give me pause. In case no one in your life said “thank you” let me be the first. read more

thoth and maat

Day 80 – Thoth and Maat

Thoth and Maat together as a deep trance identification initially was a proposed problem, or so I thought. I was certain that I would have to do two primary trances and two secondaries. I’ll talk a bit more about this in the first trance section. Being a little worried about doing trance identification with gods or demons (depending on your sectarian education), I decided to press on with a foolhardy yet caviler expectation. I’m still here so I guess I’m okay. * Smiles. read more

black elk

Day 81 – Black Elk

Black Elk, also known as Hehaka Sapa and Nicholas Black Elk, was a famous holy man, traditional healer, and visionary of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) of the northern Great Plains. He was my choice for a Native American healer. His story is both tragic and inspiring. How do you watch the dreams of your entire people die and still remain open? It is this mystery I wish to discover in the first and second trances. read more

nikola tesla

Day 82 – Nikola Tesla, The Invisible Genius

Nikola Tesla, in my opinion, is yet another genius that was crushed by the machine that we call Capitalism. Although it can’t be proved; he was most likely killed because of his desire to release free energy into the world. His notes were confiscated and history has done it’s best to forget and ignore his achievements. I wonder how many others have met the same fate due to their desire to make the world a better place to live in and not have to become rich to do it? My guess is we will never know what would have been possible had he remained alive and achieved his dreams. The goal of this trance is to discover what stopped when he died and what other things may have been possible. read more


Day 83 – Peruvian Shaman, The Other Healers

Shaman refers to someone who is regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits. these men and women enter into a trance state during a ritual and practices divination and healing. read more

lizard king

Day 84 – The Lizard King – Jim Morrison, Second Trance

The Lizard King showed up last night in the second deep trance identification with Jim Morrison. So much for doing my research, lol.

If you’ve read the history of Jim Morrison you would know that he was a very shy person. He couldn’t even face the audience while singing and would face backward or hide behind the speakers. He dropped out of film school because someone criticized a film project. read more


Day 85 – Paralyzed… Milton Erickson, Second Trance

Paralyzed, wasn’t what I was hoping for when I began the second deep trance identification with Milton Erickson. I’ve read the stories. I have a nodding understanding of what that must be like. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of being unable to move, swallow, talk or even breathe as if I had survived polio. wasn’t all that much fun during the 20 minutes of trance. read more


Day 86 – Gandhi Had Many Faces

Gandhi has been one of my go-to idols since I can remember first reading about him. While engaged in this 100 days of trance project, I’ve learned that not all of our heroes were heroic at every moment of their lives. Gandhi is no different. But in this project, I’m interested in his skills. Skills at negotiation, second/third position thinking and his level of commitment to achieve his goals non-violently. read more

stephen gilligan

Day 87 – Stephen Gilligan, First Trance

Stephen Gilligan is my last first trance subject. I’m not sure why I waited to “do him last”, so to speak. He is doing things that the rest of us will take years to learn and longer to employ. My interests in Stephen Gilligan are two-fold. Obviously, I want to get the mindset of how he facilitates trance, even in waking states, but also how he got to his Generative Trance breakthrough.

How do you do something completely new? All of the subjects I have chosen have this one aspect; they were the first, in each of their industry. My goal from the onset was to discover something within myself and bring it forward in a way that has yet to be seen on this planet. Lofty? Perhaps, but worth the effort. read more

peruvian shaman

Day 89 – Peruvian Shaman Trance 2

Peruvian Shaman, trance 2 was the type of trance I was expecting when I began this 100 days of trance adventure. I finally had the opportunity and the trance partner to go at a very deep level with this archetype. This trance was completely strange to me and my partner said that I was really different during the trance. I think he used the term “on serious mushrooms”. I will have to ask him later if he has ever seen or been on serious mushrooms or if this was just a metaphor *smiles. read more

thoth and maat

Day 90 – Thoth And Maat, Second Trance

Thoth and Maat as a second deep trance identification was a very interesting experience for me. I don’t usually “do” gods, but these two seemed pretty easy to get along with until we got started. That changed fairly quickly.

The gods, Thoth and Maat, do not seem very happy with the way we have been doing things on this planet. It seems we were given all of the information that we needed to have a stellar life and “somehow” that information has been suppressed; BIG SHOCKER, right? My trance partner mentioned that I resembled a manic psychopath, whatever that looks like, during the trance download. I noticed it took a while to come back to the planet so I could drive home. read more

mahatmas gandhi

Day 91 – Mahatmas Gandhi, Second Trance

Mahatmas Gandhi for the second deep trance identification was also, not what I expected. I plugged into some real arrogance and stubbornness (dark side of the Hero Archetype). Which was surprising and at the same time, not. What does it take to reshape an entire country? And it was actually larger than that; he was reshaping global colonialism. That takes someone with a serious internal reference (makes own decisions) and some deep insight. I also have never experienced a lifetime of prejudice because of my skin color, country of origin or religion. I’m thinking that might make you a little stand-offish even in spiritual form. read more


Day 92 – Native American Healers (Black Elk), Second Trance

Healers, particularly, Native American Healers are an interesting bunch of folks to connect within a deep trance identification. Their energy feels so different than what you might recognize as “normal” energy. Connecting with a subject that has a similar background may feel more normal but if you want normal why are you connecting in the first place. The goal here is to learn something new, different or inexperienced. read more

Day 93 – Big Brain, Nikola Tesla Had One.

Big Brain? Yep, Nikola Tesla had a really big brain. Not your average “I can do theoretical math in my head brain”, but something much bigger, more powerful and robust than that. This guy can imagine a future with systems and mechanisms that actually benefit mankind. And they killed him for that. The weird part is that he knew it was coming and kept going forward anyway. I guess there is a lot to be said about, The Innocent Archetype, that I still trying to understand. read more

master shifu

Day 94 – Master Shifu, Stephen Gilligan

Master Shifu. If there was a someone who personifies this character or archetype, it would be Stephen Gilligan. He is humble, highly skilled and earnest in his desire to help people heal. He has written tons of books (this one’s my favorite) travels around the world teaching seminars and still remains… grounded in himself. We all could learn from this example of humility. His energy feels like mastery to me, but there is that feeling that he isn’t permitted to surpass his teacher and mentor, Milton Erickson. (Maybe I watched too much Kung Fu Panda?) read more


Day 95 – When You Don’t Want Your Gifts… Edgar Cayce, Second Trance

Gifts? What gifts? For some these unique talents and abilities are very much not considered gift more like curses. Edgar Cayce was very much a person like this. A very religious person who frequently wondered if what he was doing was okay with God? Well, not exactly. More along the line of whether or not his church members were okay with what he was doing. This feeling stayed with him throughout his lifetime. read more


Day 96 – Demons-R-Us… King Solomon, Second Trance

Demons? Yes, I said demons. That word is so super-charged that I could conceivably be putting myself out of favor with the “in-crowd” even by typing that word. We are all adults here so read on or have a nice day. It will also be useful to remember that I am reporting on a deep trance identification that I did rather than giving you some insight as to what I do in my personal life. *smiles read more


Day 97 – Archetypes, a Recap

12 Archetypes. Sounds simple, right? They represent lots of things to us, both actually and metaphorically. But we need to take a more in-depth look at what and how they represent metaphorical life and what can happen if we over-identify with our archetypes. How we apply this information about archetypes in life and trance, set the tone for how well we are able to navigate life, overcome problems and set goals.

We have plenty of examples of people who over-identify with archetypes, i.e. Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, etc. But what happens when you under-identify with your archetype(s)? My guess is you live a boring and unhappy life while always dreaming of something better. Doesn’t sound like to much fun to me. read more


Day 98, 99 and 100 – Goals…The 100 days of Trance is Over

Goals, in any context, are meant to be completed or finished the way it was designed. This project has been BIG FUN for me. I can’t say that it has been any fun for my partner or those who have been supporting or helping me during this time.

It’s also been tedious, scary, boring and all of the other adjectives that you can include in a sentence. I’m wrapping up this project with an article to encompass the last 3 days. After I finished the last deep trance identifications, I decided to skip the possession experiment, it just didn’t seem necessary anymore. I may go back and do that at a later time but I think having a trance monitor would be prudent. read more