Age Progression

Age Progression

The most interesting thing about the human mind is that we can be any age that we choose. The problems begin when we either don’t know that we are doing this or it becomes so ingrained in our behavior that we take it on as a reality. Today’s trance was about how and when age progression occurs and what metaphorical representations occur in daily life. This writing is part of the 100 days of Trance blog.

age progression

Age Progression Definition

During age progression, the subject hallucinates living in the future. Interestingly, he or she still retains the present chronological age. Age progression can be a great tool in hypnotherapy to understand how a person might react to a situation in the future.

Metaphorical Representations

Everyone at one time or another has heard the words, grow up, act your age, etc. Or perhaps you’ve heard someone say “he was old even as a kid”. What you’re listening to is descriptions of people who are displaying AGE PROGRESSION. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the person, per se. It does describe what they are doing but not why they are doing it.

When I was a kid, in my family, persons were rewarded for displaying adult behavior, habits, and thinking. It wasn’t really a good idea to display child behavior since children in that family had no rights. I learned very quickly which behaviors gained you the most respect, autonomy, and freedom. Consequently, I didn’t really have much of childhood until after I was an adult and actually learned how to play, hang out and have fun. It just wasn’t part the family acumen.

You may have also heard of people having their hair turn white or grey overnight. Here’s an interesting thought. If you can age overnight does the process work in reverse? yes, it can. The best-kept secret on this planet is hypnosis.

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