Analgesia for Hypnotic Pain Reduction


Analgesia, whether hypnotic or chemically induced is the dulling or numbing in the awareness of pain. It’s easy to do and most people get relief immediately. This is slightly different to anesthesia which results in the complete lack of pain awareness, of which I will post about soon. This article is part of my 100 days of Trance series


Over the Counter Pills

Most people are aware of these things called ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol, but most people aren’t really aware of how they work.

Analgesics, taken orally, stimulate the hypothalamus, chemically, causing the hypothalamus to create neuropeptides. Neuropeptides that send messages to the brain to create norepinephrines to reduce the pain receptors ability to perceive pain signals. So it doesn’t really do anything for the painful area, except decrease the body’s ability to perceive the pain and lucky for us that’s generally all that’s needed.

Hypnotic Analgesia

The exact same procedure can be done with hypnotic suggestion only there are no side effects like stroke, heart attack, the removal of your stomach lining or the failure of your liver. Hypnotic analgesia is safe for anyone and can be generally suggested by the person, themselves in just a few minutes.

An example of this is suggesting numbness in body parts, or a body part pricked by a needle with no feeling. Probably the best-known hypnotist in the area of pain reduction for medical and dental procedures was Dave Elman.  Here’s a link to a classic Elman induction.


Other Implications

If you approach hypnosis and hypnotic technique metaphorically, you can begin to see all kinds of things that people do and create in their lives as trance. Additionally, when people come into my office for pain management, the first thing I want to know is, have they been to their doctor, their dentist and their eye doctor? Frequently pain is a signal the SOMETHING IS WRONG and reducing or removing that signal could be bad, really bad.


Numbness isn’t just physical. It can also be mental and emotional. Some people have crazy things or people in their lives and no resources for dealing with it… therefore numbness to emotions may be their best solution at present.

A positive outcome for numbness or reduced pain response can be at high levels of sports competition. Being able to “turn off the pain” may get you through the game and to your next win. But you also may want to remember to turn that back on when you aren’t actively playing a sport.

Quick Hypnotic Technique Example for Pain Reduction

Try this.
Imagine you are walking up a hill. As you walk up this hill you are getting higher and higher in elevation.
The landscape is changing as you get high up the hill and soon you begin to see snow under the bushes and besides the trees.
As you keep going higher there is more and more snow until you see a beautiful snowbank that has just been waiting for you to arrive. You put your hand into the snow up to your wrist. You can feel the cold at first, but very soon you feel the coldness begin to disappear and numbness in your hand. When your hand is so numb that you can’t feel any discomfort when you pinch the skin, imagine you can put a glove on to keep the cold feeling in your hand. You walk back down the hill and return to your own space. 

Now imagine that you can remove the glove and transfer the cool, numbness to whatever area of your body that is causing you discomfort. Feel the numbness flowing into the affected area until the pain is much less or completely gone.

This technique will work for most minor pains, strain and muscle pulls and can be applied anytime you feel discomfort in that affected area.

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