Automatic Writing day 5… A Face

Automatic Writing day 5

The automatic writing day 5 session was interesting. It was frustrating that I couldn’t sit up for the whole session. Laid down and just let my left hand do its thing; I usually try to keep the pen moving the whole time, I noticed it was harder to do today. When I returned back to the planet I was surprised to see a face. Words are beginning to form into something that may actually be readable at some point. I’m getting lots of emails from people who see this or that; I’d love to hear what you see. 


automatic writing day 5

The Trance

While my left hand was doing whatever writing or drawing; it was doing, I was having a vision, of sorts, about a man sitting at a table reading a book. The book was ancient, the face of the man was unseeable for now. I have a sense that the book is more important than the man. I have been wrong before, many times.

The next part was an idea(?) that I could walk around behind the man and look at what he was reading. It was about this time that I returned back to the living.

automatic writing day 5


I know it’s normal for people to see faces, animals, etc. in their everyday world. I’m more interested in the meaning behind the image(s). Sometimes I think I read too much into what I see but since this is an exercise in knowing what my unconscious is trying to communicate; I think it’s appropriate to consider non-linear thinking.

do you see anything? If you do please send me an email and let me know

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