Automatic Writing day 8… The Reason We Fear

Automatic Writing day 8… The Reason We Fear

When automatic writing day 8 session began. I was convinced that I had my answers and was ready to conclude this and move on to my next project in the 100 days of trance schedule. After looking at today’s drawing I’m not certain I’m done but I’m very close. And while I was busy looking for that I’ve discovered why we fear… everything.

I went home yesterday, determined to re-watch a Beautiful Mind, grab some snippets of the genius process and move right along down the road. As stated previously, I’ve been wrong before. When you do enough trance-work you get used to going in directions that you hadn’t planned. Yesterday was no different. I came across a movie, Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon and decided to watch it.

automatic writing day 8


A story about a woman, who needed to walk the Pacific Crest Trail to heal her grief and let go of some life. I won’t blow the ending for you; I’ll just say you need to see this movie. Your take and personal experience will probably be different than mine. I felt a profound connection to the character in the movie. and I can easily correlate her journey which is similar to mine of this 100 days of trance path that I am on.

automatic writing day 8

My Path

I started this 100-day journey with the lofty ideal that I was going to create a new hypnosis/change work method that could benefit the world. Now, 49 days in, I’m certain I’m on the correct path but have no clue what it’s going to look like. I have had lots of things happen in my life and most of them I created or was an integral part of its creation.

I have sought to change and amend those things but, today, I’m thinking all of that has been an enormous waste of time and energy. We are who we are because of our path. We are who we are because of those “interesting” events in our life that humbled us and caused to change course or auto-correct.

Automatic Writing day 8

The Reason We Fear

The reason we fear life, death and everything in between is we have been sold a lie or at least a misconception. Everything in this universe is moving. From the stars in the sky to the smallest quantum particle; everything is in motion. And humans in their infinite wisdom think they are different or special.

We are constantly trying to achieve a static state call happiness, freedom, prosperity. etc (fill in your own word here) and ITS A LIE. The truth is WE ARE ALL CONSTANTLY MOVING AND CHANGING.

If you (and me) can somehow let go of our desire to be static and just let ourselves be in the flow of change there will no longer be a reason to fear anything. Change is the only constant in the universe.

automatic writing day 8

Today’s Drawing

The automatic writing day 8 drawing seems really busy to me today. I see many images, possible images. I’ve looked at this in all four directions and even went to the men’s room to look at the images in reverse. Nothing concrete even during today’s trance. I do have some time this afternoon to ponder this but clients come first.

If you see something in the drawing please email me and let me know.