Automatic Writing… A Hypnotic Learning Tool

Automatic Writing… A Hypnotic Learning Tool

Automatic Writing; possibly is the least understood of all the hypnotic phenomena is today’s topic for the 100 days of Trance project. I wrote an article the other day and thought I’d probably need to do this article so people would have a frame of reference.

I’m going to do several examples, in this article and in a few days I’m going to be moving over to remote viewing and automatic writing is an intrinsic portion of how the remote viewing works.

automatic writing

Automatic Writing (Classic Definition)

“Automatic writing or psychography is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing.” (source: Wikipedia)

This article contains lots of information about spiritual or psychic medium stuff and also references remote viewing. The purpose of this article is to discuss automatic writing/drawing in trance. You are welcome to use automatic writing in any way you choose.


automatic writing

Milton H. Erickson, MD

If you’ve read any articles of mine you will discover I am a HUGE fan of Milton H. Erickson and his work in hypnosis. There is a story about Erickson, while he was a young man used to put himself in trance and write letters to the editor of the local newspaper. When he awoke from the trance he would send his written pages, unseen to the editor. He would then look in the paper, the following day, to see if he could find what he had written. This one method of automatic writing.

automatic writing

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Another favorite of mine, in terms of using his unconscious mind to create the most beautiful music I’ve heard. His method of automatic writing was to do the work in the head, write brief sketches and then finish the work on the keyboard to completion before it was written down. I use this method for writing poetry. The whole thing is complete before I sit down to write.

I must finish [writing this letter] now because I’ve got to write at breakneck speed—everything’s composed—but not written yet. – Mozart

automatic writing

Remote Viewing

The concept of remote viewing follows a similar methodology. You put yourself into a trance and attempt to see a specific target. The are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this if you are interested. I just thought I’d mention it as part of this article. I’ll be posting 10 days of remote viewing very soon.

automatic writing

The Method

In this article, I’m using automatic writing as a way of learning more about what is going on inside of myself without a specific target or problem”X” in mind. I put myself into a trance and using my non-dominant hand (left) just begin to write.

While doing this I noticed that the left side of my head felt very active and lit up. I usually feel the right side during work or wring of articles. What does this mean? Who knows? It definitely means something, perhaps I’ll be able to tell you after about 10 days of remote viewing. Also, I noticed that I was aware that I was writing forwards, backward and in different directions that my normal writing would never go.

Setting a timer for 20 minutes and noticed that I was finished before that time and I just laid flat and continued to trance until the timer went off. I returned to the planet, expecting to see something understandable, intelligible… no, it wasn’t, yet.

automatic writing


I’ve looked at the drawing in all four directions and even went into the men’s room down the hall and looked at the drawing in the mirror. Still nothing. Does this mean it was a failure? I think no. perhaps my left hand isn’t used to being able to speak freely so I’m going to give it several opportunities to create something I can understand.

Maybe someone who’s reading this will point out something obvious int he drawing that I can’t see yet. If you see something, please email me right away.

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