Big Brain, Nikola Tesla Had One

Big Brain, Nikola Tesla Had One.

Big Brain? Yep, Nikola Tesla had a really big brain. Not your average “I can do theoretical math in my head brain”, but something much bigger, more powerful and robust than that. This guy can imagine a future with systems and machine that actually benefit mankind. And they killed him for that. The weird part is that he knew it was coming and kept going forward anyway. I guess there is a lot to be said about, The Innocent Archetype, that I still trying to understand.

Nikola Tesla was also very much plugged into The Creator Archetype, as well, and used those two combined energies to bring things into this world that did not yet exist. How he did that is what I wanted to find out through my second deep trance identification with him. I still think I don’t’ understand most of what I saw, heard and felt.


The Connection

The connection with Tesla for the second time was “thready”. I felt myself going in and out of the connection until I finally got it. Wikipedia says, That Telsa was very ill with cholera and frequently worked from 3 am to 11 pm. It also says that he didn’t receive credit for attending university because of a language requirement. Perhaps that might explain his obsession with work and I felt some shame in there driving his motor. Apparently, he had something to prove to himself as well as the world.


The Trance

The first part was his childhood and then immigrating to the United States. Things were different then. Much less fear about people coming to the US because they were interested in the opportunities here. He wasn’t very happy about working for Edison. I guess it sucks when you are smarter than everyone else in the room and no one will listen.

The next part was his ability to visualize an entire project in his head, start to finish. This is a skill worth developing. Think about something you want to do or have. Now go through the entire process to the end. The end is where you are back from your vacation, the product is in the stores (for the last 2 years) or you have purchased a new house or car with the money you earned from this project. THAT’S VISUALIZATION!

Being able to plug into the universal unconscious seems to be a central theme in all of my heroes, Nikola Telsa included. But having a big brain seems to have placed Tesla at the top of my list of people that I admire. I don’t know if I will ever invent something new, but if I do I’m using this method to plan it.

big brain

Final Thoughts

The sadness and loneliness from this deep trance identification, remained with me, for a time. No time for a life, a relationship and an unhealthy obsession with proving that he didn’t need anyone. I’ve been there before and that dark side of this archetype (the Creator) is something to beware.

Tesla’s dark side connection with the Innocent archetype is also something to pay attention to. The refusal to notice that your world is crashing around you even though you can imagine the “unicorns dancing on the lawn” can make your life unreasonably hard.

All archetypes can be male or female, light or dark, examine all aspects when choosing new or unfamiliar archetypes to work with.

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