Black Elk, Native American Healer

Black Elk

Black Elk, also known as Hehaka Sapa and Nicholas Black Elk, was a famous holy man, traditional healer, and visionary of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) of the northern Great Plains. He was my choice for a Native American healer. His story is both tragic and inspiring. How do you watch the dreams of your entire people die and still remain open to love and healing? It is this mystery; I wish to discover in the first and second trances.

Birth and youth

Black Elk was born in December 1863 on the Little Powder River in Wyoming, west of present-day South Dakota. He was the son of the elder Black Elk, who supported Chief Crazy Horse, the Lakota resistance leader, and White Cow Sees Woman. He had five sisters and one brother.

During the summer of 1930, Black Elk dictated his life story to John Neihardt, and the resulting book, Black Elk Speaks, was published in 1932. In 1947, at the age of 84, he was one of a few surviving Sioux with firsthand knowledge of ancient tribal customs and teachings. As a result, Black Elk allowed an anthropologist named Joseph E. Brown to translate his memories of Sioux ceremonies and ways. The result became the second Black Elk book, titled The Sacred Pipe, published in 1953. (source:

black elk

First Trance

My first thoughts during this trance were about how fast and heart my heart was beating. I always have to ask myself if this is how I feel or how the subject feels? It’s a simple idea that most of Black Elk’s earliest memories are about the horrors of war and these white people are doing their level best to exterminate his people. Why would he even speak with me?

I was able to get my heart rate down but the whole trance seems as if there was more time needed to establish trust. I’ll do another trance this evening where I can take the I need to develop that trust. I’ll write more about that in the second trance section if needed. There may be some privacy issue as well.

black elk

Final Thoughts

I am frequently amused as to how I have this idea of how the trance is going to go and then the actual trance occurs and I realize I know nothing about this man, his life or his path. It’s humbling. I will take this learning and go again. Note to self. Be more open to listening.

Second Trance

Native American Healers (Black Elk), Second Trance

Healers, particularly, Native American Healers are an interesting bunch of folks to connect within a deep trance identification. Their energy feels so different than what you might recognize as “normal” energy. Connecting with a subject that has a similar background may feel more normal but if you want normal why are you connecting in the first place. The goal here is to learn something new, different or inexperienced. read more

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