Blessing Your Darkness

Blessing Your Darkness. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It can be done with or without some guidance or how to proceed. We have all been told or shown that those inconvenience parts of ourselves like anger, grief, shame, etc., are not something to talk about and never to display. 

For me, there nothing is worse than having someone in my office, who has, had 20-30 years of unresolved pain or grief. They were never given permission to hold that pain or grief like a child who is weeping. It breaks my heart to see people in that kind of discomfort.

blessing your darkness

What happens to those parts?

Generally, nothing happens. Trauma, injuries, and illness get lost, forgotten and ignored unless the person either goes digging or another trauma brings up the memory. This isn’t necessarily bad. Remember, our brains are wired to remember the good stuff and forget or refile the “bad stuff” so we can function. If we remembered every single bad thing that ever happened just think how miserable people could become. So that DOESN’T happen let’s look a simple way of letting those things go.

There is an intelligence beyond the intellect… that under the proper conditions can facilitate solutions from the problem state… Stephen Gilligan, PhD

blessing your darkness

We Have Many Different Brains

Neuroscience has taught us that we have just as many neurological connections in and around our hearts, in our abdomens as we do in our head. So what might happen if we started considering that our lymphatic system or immune system had a brain as well?

I frequently quote, one of my mentors, Stephen Gilligan, to my clients when I say, “these parts of ourselves have their own goals and histories, and sometimes they are doing something wonderful for us… we just don’t know what it is.”

blessing your darkness

Here’s a Process For Blessing Your Darkness 

1. Induce a light trance This trance can be done formally or just with sitting quietly in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Ask for the part of yourself that is hurt, angry, injured, etc. to come into this space.  Pick one thing. As you get better at this you can ask for more or a class of things but to begin; just go with simple.

3. Bless this part of yourself. I say bless. You can say, “honor, revere, pay homage to, etc.” but the point here is to be present and observe without flinching, fixing or running away. Here’s another way to think of this. If your child had hurt themselves and there wasn’t a way for you to fix it, what would you do? Sometimes it’s best to just sit and say nothing and be present.

4. Allow 15-20 minutes for this process. When you first get started with this type of work, 15-20 minutes will be plenty of time. The intensity and “pull” of these emotions can be pretty interesting if you’ve never tried this before.

blessing your darkness

Try The Process

Please let me know how your experience was with this. I had good results myself but I’m interested in learning how your trance was for you. We all have to live in this thing we call life. Perhaps by making friends and blessing your darkness, you will discover what these emotions are trying to do for you that is for the good.

If you need any help with this process just give me a call at 214-702-3774 or email me, anytime.