Broken Toe and Other Messages from Your Unconscious

Broken Toe

Well, I broke my toe this morning. Or I at least I think it’s a broken toe, it’s swollen and painful. I guess that what I get for not putting the bench back. I moved it for the maintenance man. This article part of the 100 days of Trance blog.

Frequently we have “little things” happen during the day that, in my opinion, are messages from the unconscious mind. Sometimes is just something simple like “HEY, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS”. While other times it can be a request for you to slow down or take a day off to just be a human being; instead of a human doing.

Becuase I have the advantage of being able to just pause and listen to my unconscious mind whenever I want, I usually get to avoid illness and injury in advance. Although, not today. Message to self… pay attention.

broken toe

and other messages from your Unconscious Mind.

I have a client (yes, she gave me permission to write this) who had anxiety, or what she thought was anxiety. She discovered at a regular checkup that she had a good-sized aortic aneurysm that somehow had been missed in previous checkups. After her surgery and healing time, her anxiety was completely gone. I’m not saying that all anxiety is something physical but I am saying that frequently if we take the time to listen to our bodies we may be getting more information that can be measured, regardless of how sophisticated our technology becomes… your body knows what it needs.

This cannot be said more plainly. If we take the time and listen, really listen to the messages we receive from our minds and bodies, there is a whole internal world that is ready to communicate with us.

People rarely get sick without warning signs. Illness, fatigue or stressful situations are common in modern society, but we just “soldier on” because that’s what we are supposed to do. We even reward those who never complain or mention anything that may be going on their lives… because it may affect the production of the widgets.

If you have a moment, which you do. Take some time today and listen to your body. He/she may have some very useful information that you need to hear before your next illness or in my case… that next broken toe.

Here’s a link for first-aid if you do break your toe someday

and email me if you need anything