Depression & Grief

Reflections And Insights From The Couch

The 3-Fold Process

The 3-Fold Process (Transcribed by Okay. Hi everybody and welcome. Today I thought it would talk about the three-fold process.  I was talking within my

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The Gift

The Gift (this is an A.I. translation so I hope it’s fairly accurate) This Gift, we’ve received, has been an interesting place to be. There

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triggers 3

Triggers part 3

Triggers part 3 Transcription (this is an AI transcript) Triggers part 3 Good morning co-creators today we’re going to do part three of triggers. And

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Triggers Part 2

Triggers Part 2 Transcript (this is AI  transcription so I hope it’s accurate) Need a Mask?  Click here Good morning co-creators today we’re going to talk

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