Deep Trance Identification… Hypnotic Phenomena on Steroids

Deep Trance Identification

Deep Trance Identification, which is similar to depersonalization, is the hypnotic process of taking on another’s personality and traits, for a short time. The process, from an observer standpoint, is amazing and can be a little intimidating. Today’s trance was about setting the criteria for the list of people I am going to deep trance identify with during my 100 days of Trance project.

deep trance identification

The Back Story

When I was going through my hypnosis training I came across a therapist by the name of Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
I was amazed at his skill set and decided to learn as much as I could from him. I purchased an audio tape series, The Problem is the Solution. Which were recordings from his, Trance Camp that he conducts every year.

This series had an amazing session in which one of the participants wanted to do a Deep Trance Identification with Mother Earth. And more specifically with the shadow aspects. You really need to hear it and if I can get permission to post it privately (to newsletter subscribers), I will.

deep trance identification

New Directions

This one tape series is kind of what changed my path in hypnosis in general and started me on a journey of self-discovery for myself and my clients, as to what hypnotic phenomena actually is and how it manifests into physical, mental and emotional “symptoms” in people’s lives. It’s amazing to me how sometimes one thing changes your life for the good.

deep trance identification

Let’s Play a Game

Can you pick 10 people, living or dead that you would like to have at your dinner party? Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Well, in essence, that is what I’m going to be doing. I have picked 10 people whom I wish to do a Deep Trance Identification with and I have listed them below. I will also list the standard questions I’m going to ask each one, through a trance partner I have enlisted in this part of the project.

The reason I have a trance partner is the trance work is simply too deep to be able to track the steps, ask the questions, remember the answers and write them down. Would be similar to riding a unicycle, while juggling, singing the Star-Spangled Banner and cooking gourmet dinner… all at the same time. Somebody may be able to do all of those things at once; I’m just not that guy.

deep trance identification

The List:

Milton H. Erickson, M.D.
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D
Edgar Cayce
Ernest Hemingway
Mahatma Gandhi
Nickolai Tesla
Oscar Wilde

deep trance indentification

The Questions:

How did you discover your gifts or talents?

Your greatest strength?

What is your biggest weakness?

In your opinion your best success?

The biggest failure?

If you were still alive today, what would you be doing?

What would tell someone who wished to continue your work?

Is the other information do you wish to discuss?


deep trance identification

The Process

If you have ever watched kids play, they don’t pretend… they become. This process is very similar, in which, you literally set your self aside and invite the proposed subject into your body and consciousness. I guess you could call it possession if you want but that seems to scare the natives, lol.

In a control scenario, you simply go into trance. The Operator asks you to set your personality aside and then invites the “visitor” to step inside you. You then allow the connection to occur and when you open your eyes you do so AS THAT PERSON OR PERSONIFICATION.

The Operator then asks each of the scripted questions and waits for the answers. The answers are written down verbatim. each trance will vary in length as some personalities are more chatty than others.


I once did a deep trance identification with the 4 elements. It’s interesting to note that although we recorded the sessions, the answers to the questions did not record. You can hear the questions being asked but when the answers came… nothing was recorded. Perhaps the 4 elements don’t wish to be quoted.

I have heard from others that they have done similar trances, seances, channelings but I guess spirits have a different frequency.

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