Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was an American clairvoyant who answered questions on subjects as varied as healing, reincarnation, wars, Atlantis, and future events while claiming to be in a trance. A biographer gave him the nickname, The Sleeping Prophet. A nonprofit organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, was founded to facilitate the study of Cayce’s work. 

Cayce is also notable for his contributions to the notions of diet and health, particularly the issues of food combining, acid/alkaline diet, and the therapeutic use of food. Some consider him the true founder and a principal source of the most characteristic beliefs of the New Age movement. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Cayce)


edgar cayce

Edgar and I

I’ve always had an admiration for Edgar Cayce, his work and the massive amount of readings that were recorded. There’s a secret place in my head where I also could see the future or diagnose illness. Additionally, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be the first person trying to do legitimate research. Or verifications of his predictions while teaching others how to do this type of work. His plight must have been pretty scary. There are always the naysayers but the highly motivated zealots who wish to put you in jail give me pause. In case no one in your life said “thank you” let me be the first. 

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First Trance

This is the first time that the deep trance protocol went the way it was supposed to. Perhaps with enough practice, they will all get easier. I didn’t set a timer but the initial session was about 15 minutes. I noticed this subject “feels” a bit shy. In my readings about him, he had lots of issues with his gifts because of his belief systems and whether or not his “gift” was okay. These thoughts dominated his career.

The other major impression was that Edgar Cayce isn’t really the subject. The subject is whomever he is channeling. That was an odd revelation. But I pressed on and waited until I got permission to connect with whomever it is that he works with. 

Once that idea was established I noticed lots of “energy” surrounding this deep trance identification. Nothing specific just my whole body trembling. I’ll try to get more information about that during the next session.

edgar cayce

Final Thoughts

I also noticed I was ready to go forward into the identification but the last few sessions have taught me that is completed useless unless someone is around to ask the questions and record the answers.

Second Trance

When You Don’t Want Your Gifts… Edgar Cayce, Second Trance

Gifts? What gifts? For some these unique talents and abilities are very much not considered gift more like curses. Edgar Cayce was very much a person like this. A very religious person who frequently wondered if what he was doing was okay with God? Well, not exactly. More along the line of whether or not his church members were okay with what he was doing. This feeling stayed with him throughout his lifetime. read more

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