Erasing Anxiety With Hypnosis

Erasing Anxiety With Hypnosis

Erasing Anxiety With Hypnosis is pretty simple if you know a few things. I heard a great story the other day, from a friend of mine, about a hypnosis presentation she attended recently. I actually know the presenter but he hasn’t given me permission to name him here. If he gives me that permission I’ll update this article.

After the presentation, she noticed a person at the group who obviously was having a hard time just being there, because of “social anxiety”, she often experiences going to new things.

By just following the steps that presenter had used in a demonstration, she was able to help the woman, not only stay at the meet-up but actually enjoy herself while she was there.

Not only is this possible, but it’s so simple you can do it yourself. Or you could help a friend of your’s through it.

erasing anxiety

Follow these steps

Just follow these simple steps. You can add in additional steps but these are the minimums.

1. Have the person close their eyes and imagine a blackboard in front of them. Some people can do this with their eyes open but just be sure to give this instruction.

2. Have the person begin to write down all of the words, thoughts, pictures or feelings they are experiencing. You may have to help them in the beginning. Do let them “take over and do it themselves. This step can take several minutes, particularly if they’ve never done this type of visualization before.

3. Ask them if that’s all of them? If no, let them write some more. Ask this question until you get a “yes, that’s all” answer.

4. Have the person erase all of the words, thoughts, and feelings until the blackboard is clear.
This also can take some time or go fast… both answers are perfect per the individual.

5. Once the person has erased the blackboard, ask them if they feel better? If yes, congratulate them. If no, repeat the process. The process can be repeated until the person’s brain “GETS IT” and learns that thoughts and feelings that are imagined can also be imagined away.

Anxiety is usually what is called a pseudo-orientation in time. The person is either imagining a future event and responding “as if” it’s happening now. Or the person is recalling a past event, in which, they were having a particular experience, i.e. they were fearful, unprepared, in danger, etc. and they are oriented into that experience in the past.

This technique will require them to be in the present and learn a new strategy for re-orienting into the present where they are safe… they just hadn’t noticed.


erasing anxiety

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erasing anxiety

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