Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves, along with cooler temperatures, are my favorite autumn experience. While I was driving to work today, I had the honor of watching something I’m usually “too busy” to notice. It’s been our first cold snap and the trees are getting ready for their winter nap. The pecan trees and the mulberry tree in my front yard are a waterfall of falling leaves. It was beautiful.

It reminded me of what my friend, Kris Hallbom says, “We all are subject to the cycles of life” and in particular the condition known as “dropping off”. This may be a great day to take some time to go inward and think about some things that you’ve been needing to let go of.

falling leaves

Letting Go

We all have those things that happen in our life, at our work, and within our family units. We think we can handle it or we just ignore it, but at what cost? Generally, the things we ignore or pretend don’t hurt us; just sit there or worse.

Sometimes people get sick or develop physical illness in order to express those hidden emotions and hurts they we carefully have hidden.

Imagine, today, that you are like the trees and all of those unspoken things can just fall off of you and tumble to the ground. The earth is great at recycling. Leaves fall to the ground, they decay and rot and the earth will use this the create compost for the coming Spring.

falling leaves

More Ways

Another way is to set aside some time and just write all of those things down on a piece of paper. Just let your mind run free and write as long as needed. Once you are finished writing, set those papers on fire and watch the ashes go up into the air. Sometimes the paper burns fast, sometimes slow. I’ve seen papers almost explode, which to me, means that those words needed to get out.

Regardless of how fast or slow the burning occurs, it is good to finally be rid of those thoughts, words, and pictures in your mind and body. This paves the way for new growth, new beginnings, and new good to come into your life.

A friend of mind and I do this every new and full moon. On the New moon, we ask for more of what we want to come into our lives and businesses. On the full moon, we identify the things we want less of. It works. Give it a try. 

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