It’s All About The Frequencies


It’s all about the frequencies. The human body is a giant battery (think The Matrix) that has it’s own energy source and interacts with the other human and non-human batteries within its sphere. This part of the 100 days of Trance blog series


I was driving yesterday (my favorite trance induction) and my brain (unconscious mind) starts telling me about how all organs have their own frequency. How pathogens (bacteria and virus) have their own frequency and how different emotional states also have a frequency that can affect individual organs and the system as a whole. I did some research on the internet and found out there are a huge number of articles and video on this topic.

But rather than spouting off about what I “know” I’m going to say I don’t know anything and I will be having some conversations with my unconscious mind about what this means. I’ll update this post as I get new insights.

For now just an exploration and conversation with the part of my mind that knows much more than I do.

I also have a meeting scheduled with a healer friend of mine. She is a great source of information and learning and I’ll post a link to her stuff once I get permission to do so.

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