Goals …The 100 days of Trance is Over

Goals…The 100 days of Trance is Over

Goals, in any context, are meant to be completed or finished the way it was designed. This project has been BIG FUN for me. I can’t say that it has been any fun for my partner or those who have been supporting or helping me during this time.

It’s also been tedious, scary, boring and all of the other adjectives that you can include in a sentence. I’m wrapping up this project with an article to encompass the last 3 days. After I finished the last deep trance identifications, I decided to skip the possession experiment, it just didn’t seem necessary anymore. I may go back and do that at a later time but I think having a trance monitor would be prudent.



Goals, Part 1

The goals of this entire project were to discover if I could learn something new about hypnosis and trance that I didn’t already know and could I create something new? I think that I have learned a lot about trance that I didn’t know was possible. The primary thing I learned is that you MUST do your own work. Sounds funny as I’m writing this. I’ll bet I’ve told my clients this a million times but I guess I need to hear that as well.

I also am firm, in the opinion, that too much self-reflection is a bad (ish) thing and can lead to self-absorption. I’m going to spend the next few months, out here on the planet and see what has been happening during the last six months of my life.

Jim Morrison, Revisited

I need to thank, Jim. Jim Morrison is kind of responsible for these goals from the standpoint of I wanted to know what he was trying to do. Was he trying to heal an entire generation or was he just trying to “get by”? My personal opinion is that he started his project but got lost in his own over-identification with the Lizard King and it killed him. After 100 days of trance, I can see how that could happen and I don’t do drugs. Perhaps if he had had a mentor or actual shaman directing his journey he might have survived. I guess we will have to wait until his next incarnation.


Goals, Part 2

There were a lot of different trance protocols that are included under the subheading as trance or hypnosis. Remote viewing, distance healing, generational healing, and just about everything you can do without getting another tattoo or starting a drum circle. I have concluded that my forte is hypnosis and I’m going to stick with that.

I am planning on starting a few classes for those interested in doing some quantum-leap work by doing some hypnosis intensives. You will start seeing some ads in early 2019 about those upcoming classes. I will also begin doing some 1-day classes for some ad hoc style training for those who wish to pick and choose the variety of experiences they wish to have through different types of hypnosis training, i.e. chakra clearing, deep trance identification (for new skills) and of course, whole weekends so you can change your DNA and eye color.


Goals, Part 3

When you do something new you are going to get several outcomes. I see these outcomes in 3 categories. You are more than welcome to categorize them in any way you choose the next time you do a 100-day project.

3 Outcomes

1. Expected Outcomes

In any project or goal, it’s reasonable to expect that you will complete the goal in the allotted time and you will get whatever desired outcomes that you have chosen. Whether those goals are fitness, financial, career or family in nature, your first expectation is generally the one you get. That just makes sense.

So my desire to learn something new and to deepen my understanding of trance and hypnosis was my primary goal, which I achieved. It took almost 6 months of daily trance for me to experience and write 100 articles about trance and hypnosis with a lot of learning and self-reflection along the way. One of the reasons I did this is, who else has 100 days (or 6 months) to do this kind of research? 

My other expected outcome was I was going to write a book about my experiences and the 100 articles have done that. The book is written now all that needs to be done is the editing and formatting.

The Third outcome was, as in any other 100-day project, as a way to get a year of experience in a shorter time.

2. Secondary Outcomes

Secondary outcomes in any project may or may not be expected as a result of your primary goals. Many people have taken a class or begun a hobby only to discover that they have a knack for what they have learned. and then turned it into a secondary income or new career. You hear that story over and over. Bob or Mary did this thing and now they have a new career.

My secondary outcomes were:

New Hypnosis Products

I will be creating several new hypnosis products that are the result of several of the trance experiments.
Remote Viewing
Remote Healing
Chakra Clearing
Deep Trance Identification

Unexpected Outcomes

There is a third category. Outcomes that many people never expect or even recognize that is the result of a project or goal. Frequently, these outcomes cannot be imagined before or while the project is on-going.

My Unexpected Outcomes

My Daugther moved to Austin. This was an unexpected move but I’m certain that she will be happier. Living in the country was becoming a problem. She was reaching the age where she wanted to spend more time with her friends and her family that live in Austin.

I moved back to Dallas, Texas. After living outside of Dallas for almost 15 years, I decided to move back to town. One of my most unexpected outcomes is that I gained 30 hours of free time that I don’t have to spend in a car. Commuting back and forth to the country daily was burning up more time than I realized. There are many pluses that occur in a city like sewer systems and there is a store less than 20 minutes drive if you need a loaf of bread. I will miss living in the country. but I’m walking distance to a store.

I live by myself. This has been the strangest outcome of all. I’ve lived with “someone” probably my whole life with minor breaks. It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve had an address with no one else on the lease. It feels strange but I think I like it. 

I’m going to begin teaching again. I never thought I’d say those words. Teaching is something I thought I’d given up. But with all these new perspectives, I think it’s time to pass on what I’ve learned.

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