Healing Begins in Your Chakras

Healing Begins in Your Chakras

If healing begins in your chakras and you really want to heal yourself or heal someone else; you may need to heal your own chakras first. This might sound oversimplified but it’s really just that simple. Notice I didn’t say easy. I think there is a lot of confusion between the words simple and easy. If you decide to take on this task you will definitely be able to tell the difference. The next segment of my 100 days of trance is going to be about family and generational healing.

Hypnosis isn’t somebody else telling you what is wrong and how you need to”FIX IT”. Hypnosis is about teaching someone how to listen to that inner voice and get the message it’s sending. Once that message is received the task of healing gets going pretty quickly.


First… Watch this video

In this world of mega-technology, I’m frequently astounded how much information is out there and its broken down so well even adults can do it. Cartoons can be the simplest way to teach kids (or adults) and if you’re lucky enough to be flexible and still watch cartoons, it just might save you a trip to the Himalayas.

The video below is a description of one of the ways to clear your chakras from all of the emotional garbage we have accumulated. The process itself will be written down after the video for easy reference. And just FYI, the onion and banana juice part in the video is a metaphor.


Follow These Steps

Remember that healing begins in your chakras. In the video, not much detail is given about how long each clearing process takes, in terms of days or even weeks so give yourself plenty of time to heal. I do agree that once you get started to commit to finishing so you don’t have to start over. Just ask me how I know about that part… just saying.

The Steps in Order

healing begins in your chakras

1. The Root/Base Chakra:

Represents Earth elements, located at the base of the spine. This is the Survival Chakra, Blocked by Fear
Cleared by confronting and releasing your fears. 


healing begins in your chakras

2. Sex Chakra:

The Water elements, the Genitals, Pleasure Chakra, Blocked by Guilt 
Cleared by confronting and releasing your guilt.


healing begins in your chakras

3. Solar Plexus Chakra:

Fire element, the Stomach, Willpower Chakra, Blocked by Shame 
Cleared by confronting and releasing your shame 


healing begins in your chakras

4. Heart Chakra:

Heart, Love, Passion, Compassion and Empathy Chakra, Blocked by Grief 
Cleared by confronting and releasing your grief


healing begins in your chakras

5. Throat Chakra:

Sound, Throat, your voice and the ability to speak, Truth Chakra, Blocked by Lies 
Cleared by confronting and releasing your lies



healing begins in your chakras6. Third Eye Chakra:

Light, Center of Forehead, pineal gland, Insight Chakra, Blocked by Illusion
Cleared by confronting and releasing your illusions of self 


healing begins in your chakras

7. Crown Chakra:

Thought: Crown of Head, Pure Cosmic Energy Chakra, Blocked by Earthly Attachment
Cleared by releasing your earthly attachments, i.e. things, people, etc.


The Beginning

Once you have gone to all the time and trouble to clear your chakras; THIS is when the fun actually begins. As I’ve told people for years, your evolution should take all your time. This means you suddenly stop worrying about what others are doing and get busy making this place a great world for you to live in and if you’re lucky others around you will take on the same task.

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