Hypnosis Intensive For Generational Healing

Event Date: April 26, 27 and 28 2019

Why would anyone ever need a Hypnosis Intensive? The answer would be that the standard model of most traditional types of healing, and therapeutics is once or twice a week. Sometimes this continues for months or even for years, in traditional psychotherapy. The problem is that it doesn’t always work the way it’s “supposed to.”

Here’s a different way to look at it. Imagine you have a book you want to read. You read one page per day for the 286-325 days (average length of the average book) it takes to finish it. Would you even know what the book is about after reading that way? Maybe, maybe not. For some people, binge-watching or binge reading is what they need to do to grasp the story.

This class will put all of the pieces together in one weekend without the day-to-day distractions that occur in more spaced out or periodization style formats.

About The Class

The Class Format is as follows:

hypnosis intensive

Friday Night (7 pm – 11 pm):

General Orientation to Hypnosis

What hypnosis is and is not. How hypnosis and trance function both in a therapeutic setting and out there in the world. Hint: We are, all in trance, at most times. IS THIS THE TRANCE YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE?

Types of Hypnosis

There are many forms of hypnosis, and most people are aware of one or maybe two. These include clinical, Ericksonian, EMDR, various forms of meditation, guided visualizations, and ecstatic dance.

3 Reasons People Seek Help or Healing


The number one reason for people to seek hypnosis is a goal that they want, and it wasn’t achieved. They tried conventional methods, i.e., stop smoking, weight loss, habit change, etc., with no luck. Do you have a goal that you have always wanted to do or have tried several times and you didn’t get to its completion?


The second reason people to seek hypnosis is for trauma. Trauma is a loose or subjective term which can include accidents, illness, violence, job loss, divorce or death of a family member or loved one. Most of us have had one or more of these types of traumas. Our societal and family training requires that we “just get over it“, move on and put on our happy face whether we have healed or not.


Lastly, we all have made decisions and choices that have moved us from one path or trajectory to another. Sometimes by choice and other times by circumstance. When you create new choices certain dreams or goals, from the old trajectory, no longer fit the more modern path. These longings are put aside, but they don’t necessarily go away. Sometimes, revisiting these longings and re-including them into your life can work miracles in terms of life happiness and satisfaction.

Well-Formed Outcome

Only 3% of the population have written goals. This statistic coincides with the fact that 3% of the population control 97% of the wealth. By putting WHAT YOU WANT into tangible, attainable written formats increased your possibility of attaining them by a considerable margin.

7 Words Or Less

The unconscious mind is a potent and powerful mind but also a simple one. Think young child. If you want a young child to go brush their teeth, you will have more success by saying “go brush your teeth” than you will by spending 20 minutes on the benefits of long term tooth care. The child doesn’t care. They just want to get back to whatever they were doing, and the unconscious mind is the same way.

This process will convert your Well-Formed Outcome to a simple sentence or symbol for your unconscious mind to grasp and move toward.

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hypnosis intensive

Saturday (9 am to 5 pm)

Deconstructing the illusion

We all have perceptions of our abilities and capabilities which may or may not be accurate. This technique will help you step through those illusions and get back into the place where anything is possible for you.

Identifying The Neglected or Unintegrated Self

We all have a history, memories, and parts of ourselves that were neglected, cursed, wounded or forgotten. It wasn’t safe for them to be around, so we hid them, discarded them or were taken from us. Reclaiming those parts of ourselves is an integral part of why this system works so well.

Adding Resources

Sometimes the neglected self needs resources from other areas and context of your life, but because they have been cut off from the rest of you those resources haven’t been available, until now. This portion of the intensive shows you how to access and add resources from resourceful to unresourceful states.

Family and Generational Patterns

Our parents, grandparents and even further back in your family history were handed a series of problems or challenges when they were born. To their credit, they did the best that they could and then handed those problems and challenges down to the next generation. Imagine what it might be like to step away from all of those patterns? Or see them for what they are and then decide which (if any) of those patterns you wish to take on?

hypnosis intensive

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Sunday (9 am to 5 pm)


The origins of the archetypal hypothesis date as far back as Plato. Plato’s ideas or the so-called Platonic eidos were pure mental forms that were imprinted in the soul before it was born into the world. They were “collective” in the sense that they embodied the fundamental characteristics of a thing rather than its specific peculiarities. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archetype)

In this segment, we will discover your relationship with the 4 primary archetypes, i.e., the Warrior, The Lover, The Magician, and the King. These archetypes initially stated by Carl Jung and randomly designated as male. I have found that both male and female archetypes are both present and useful to explore regardless of the sex of the participants.

The Male and Female Archetypes

In addition to the 4 major archetypes, there also distinctions in the male and female archetypes that need discovery. The portion of the class will help you discover those distinctions and in which archetypes that you need additional clarification or relationship.

Deep Trance Identification

Deep Trance Identification (DTI) is a process of inductive modeling wherein the trance subject utilizes hypnotic trance as the primary learning process. In hypnosis, the trance subject will associate into a new or different personality (real or imagined) and experience the world through the perspective of the (new or different) personality including the abilities, emotional states, thoughts, beliefs, and values. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_trance_identification)

Deep Trance Identification is a way of learning something new in a way that isn’t possible in any other context than trance. Generally, one cannot know what it feels like to be superman or finally have that talk with a parent or grandparent, with deep trance identification, it’s possible.

Anchoring The New Changes, Behaviors or Identity Into The Life Wheel

The last section of the class is taking the time to anchor all of the new knowledge and experiences of the course into all of the areas of your life. When someone learns something new, it’s generally in that one context. After doing that new behavior for months or even years those learnings and strategies map across into other contexts of your life. What if you could purposely map them into all of the contexts or areas of your life and it didn’t take 30 years?

This process will supercharge whatever changes you have made and make it easier to see since it will show up more often and in more areas of your life.  


Cost Of The Class:

3 Days of Hypnosis for one single cost.

The Cost of 10 Sessions in a Traditional Therapeutic Format would be $1250.00

This Class is the weekend of April 26, 27 and 28, 2019

$99 before April 15th

$199 after April 15th

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