Impermanence and Other Things Called Life


Today’s trance is on the impermanence of our lives. This morning I woke up and noticed that everything in my life is now completely different than it was 6 weeks ago. This isn’t good or bad it’s just different. We as humans frequently grasp at the things so we can hold on to them a little longer. Not knowing that it is that grasping that makes them disappear more quickly. This article past of the 100 days of Trance blog.

As long as there is attachment to things that are 
unstable, unreliable, changing and impermanent,
there will be suffering –
when they change, when they cease to be
what we want them to be. (source:


Managing Polarities

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. (yes, I’m a fan) coined the term “managing polarities”, in reference to how Ericksonian Hypnosis functions to help people heal. When people get stuck, experience a loss or just have an issue they can’t resolve frequently they are only noticing one aspect of a particular polarity.

People live and they die. Jobs come and go. The living is sometimes easy, and sometimes not so easy. It is these types of polarities that can really get you down if you are so focused on what you have you may not be noticing what might be coming your way. It is this noticing of two extremes in the same context that actually makes the change possible. We live in the gray area between those two extremes. Creating a space that is large enough to encompass both extremes is how we heal, find happiness and contentment in this world we live in.


Moving Forward

I wish I could tell that one day you will wake up and no longer fear the future, miss your past and long for a different life. For me, I will remember to breathe, accept what arrives and do my level best to remember that it doesn’t matter how many victories I have accumulated or how many times that I failed; it only matters that I showed up every day to play this game we call life. 

Here’s a book you might like on this topic, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

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