Mahatmas Gandhi, Second Trance

Mahatmas Gandhi, Second Trance

Mahatmas Gandhi for the second deep trance identification was also, not what I expected. I plugged into some real arrogance and stubbornness (dark side of the Hero Archetype). Which was surprising and at the same time, not. What does it take to reshape an entire country? And it was actually larger than that; he was reshaping global colonialism. That takes someone with a serious internal reference (makes own decisions) and some deep insight. I also have never experienced a lifetime of prejudice because of my skin color, country of origin or religion. I’m thinking that might make you a little stand-offish even in spiritual form.


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The Connection

Several of these last deep trance identification connections have been difficult. This one seemed to be as well. Perhaps it’s my expectation of who and what Mahatmas Gandhi is supposed to be rather than accepting who he is. I think we all have difficulty remembering that our idols have to go to the restroom, just like everyone else.

So the connection “felt” strange. Looking back, I now remember that he was raised “the English way, but wasn’t English. His cultural beliefs were very much intact and that kind of reminds me of my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law was born and educated in South Africa, but his heritage is Scottish rather than Dutch. So he had to learn Afrikaans (the official language of South Africa), but he didn’t want to but did as was required. I’m guessing Gandhi was similar in thought. Do what needs doing to allay doubt and suspension. Western civilization is notoriously suspicious of anyone they consider from a lower class or not part of the club, i.e. not white Anglo-Saxon.

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The Trance

I’ve gotten some very deep insight about how Gandhi did his 2nd and 3rd position abilities for speech writing and delivery. He probably used very different words than I do but what he was capable of was amazing. To put yourself into the position of a listener, particularly a negative or adversarial listener, is a skill worth developing for anyone who wishes to influence their family, community or planet.

The words I use are deep trance identification, 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, sensory styles, etc. My guess is that Mahatmas Gandhi would call it DEEP EMPATHY. Imagine a person sitting a chair across from you. Now imagine that you can stand up or float up and into that person, so you can see, hear and feel the world from their perspective. As stated previously, it’s skill set, worth having and can alter your perspective of how right you are in any conversation.

mahatmas gandhiFinal Thoughts

I’ve noticed that before, during and after my conclusions change about these identifications. I guess you need some “soaking time” to process the insights and learnings. Mahatmas Gandhi has received some bad press, of late, about his “cuddle time” with underage girls. I was a little concern about including him in this project.

Having said that, in this present-day environment, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened. In his time, there wasn’t anything wrong with what he was doing, any more than him getting kicked by a policeman for walking on a public path that was reserved for white people.

Do we focus on the mistakes that people make? Or do we focus on the legacy that was created? I tend to lean more towards paying attention to the Archetype rather than the human frailties that we all have.

The Archetypes that Gandhi used to change the world were The Hero and The Rebel. Interestingly enough those seem to be my go-to’s as well. 

The Hero

The hero thrives on being strong and standing up for others. They may feel they have a destiny that they must accomplish. Heroes are courageous in their quest for justice and equality and will stand up to even the most powerful forces if they think they are wrong.

Goal: to help others and protect the weak
Fear: being perceived as weak or frightened
Weakness: arrogance, always needing another battle to fight
Talent: competence and courage

The Rebel

When the rebel sees something in the world that isn’t working, they look to change it. Rebels like to do things differently.

However, sometimes rebels can abandon perfectly good traditions just because they have a desire for reform. Rebels can be charismatic and easily encourage others to follow them in their pursuit of rebellion.

Goal: to overturn what isn’t working
Fear: to be powerless
Weakness: taking their rebellion too far and becoming obsessed with it
Talent: having big, outrageous ideas and inspiring others to join them

Compassion and Empathy

For me, the lasting impression of this deep trance identification was Mahatmas Gandhi’s compassion and empathy. Not just for his fellow down-trodden, but for a whole world of people who were affected by colonialism, fear, and greed of whoever was in charge. Not much has changed. We still have people who think because of their “status, wealth or just plain arrogance, that it is okay to treat others differently, cruelly or worse.

Perhaps we all need to step into those chairs of our adversaries and discover what THEIR PAIN is and find a way to solve it. Everyone has fear and pain, it takes a special person to be curious about the solutions for that, particularly when someone uses you for their outlet.

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