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Types Of Coaching

Not all coaches are created equal, nor should all coaches, coach everything. I have a level of expertise based on years of experience in the categories below. If I think or feel I am not qualified to coach you or there isn’t a proper personality fit I will refer you to another coach, no charge. 

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I specifically Coach the following: 

Relationship Coaching

All team members, employees, families, and couples disagree or get stagnant. Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning how to speak and how to listen to your family member and partners. This type of coaching can be short or long-term depending on the issues in the dynamics.


Strength, Conditioning and Yoga Coaching

I have competed and coached athletes in amateur, elite, college, professional and Olympic levels. My expertise is the evaluation of strength, asymmetry of movements and finding the holes in the person’s performance. Additionally, developing a winning mindset that is holistic to the person rather than excluding valuable life learnings that occur in different contexts.

This coaching does include nutritional accountability coaching, but I refer out for specific programming of your nutritional requirements.


Transition Coaching

Life is ever changing, people are born, live and past on to the next level. Whether you or your child is moving out, going to college or a parent is dying; transitions occur. Transition coaching is a method of working through the issues of change is proactive rather than a reactive method. Sometimes additional therapeutic methods (hypnosis) may be required in this type of coaching.


Divorce and Job Loss Coaching

Divorce and job loss, although transition has more to do with identity than just creating a new schedule. This type of coaching tends to be long-term, if not daily, in contact with your coach. Sometimes you need to have a neutral person in your corner to discuss things that don’t come at the same rate as your lawyer. Job loss is particular int his type of coaching since Americans tend to over-identify with their chosen career.

This type of coaching also applies to long-term non-married relationships.


Appointment Packages

Making an appointment for Coaching with me is pretty simple. Decide which type of Coaching your desire and appointment package that you wish, and leave a message or click the links below to pre-pay your session. Someone will connect with you in 24 hours. Or you can Call 214-702-3774 or email [email protected]

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Monthly (Elite) Coaching

This program is designed for daily and weekly contact coaching. This type of coaching is good for transition, divorce and job loss and for persons who need that daily contact to keep on task with their goals. We all have our different working styles. Proximity and cooperative working style seem to do best with this type of coaching.

Additionally, small to medium business owners with no ability to converse with non-biased partners, spouses or subordinates seem to prefer this type of coaching as well.

Price: $ 500.00 per month

make a coaching appointment
Make an Appointment for 3 Coaching Sessions

Make a Coaching appointment for 3 sessions. This person is looking for some help defining his/her goals and to set a start and end date to that goal. this can usually be accomplished 3 sessions. The client can expect to receive an audio to listen to at home and yes, I give homework. The more active the client is in their coaching, the faster they can expect lasting results and continuing success.

Price: $337.00

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Make an Appointment for 
5 Coaching Sessions

Make a Coaching appointment for 5 sessions. Some clients have no idea where to begin and it takes a little longer for them to figure out what they really want to achieve. Individuals of this nature or person(s) who wish to save money frequently purchase this package. It is also not unusual for the client to gift the sessions to a friend or relative.
Price: $447.00

make a hypnosis appointment
Make a Coaching Appointment for 7 Sessions

Make a Coaching appointment for 7 sessions. Some clients have long-term family matters, job loss, divorce or relationship problems, and weight loss issues that require more extensive coaching. Individuals of this nature or person(s) who wish to save money frequently purchase this package. Additionally, clients that travel from other states or countries find this price works best for them.

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