More Dreams… New Information

More Dreams… New Information

I have had more dreams than I normally do during this 100 days of Trance project. They seem to be very intense, full color and full of representations that possibly I have ignored or just didn’t make the connection.

We all have the ability to process whatever feelings, experiences and problems that occur in our day-to-day lives. The question here is is do you TAKE THE TIME to process them?  For whatever reason, I decided to begin this project it seems to be morphing into a greater learning than I have imagined.

more dreams

The Dream

I’m not at liberty to reveal the names of the persons that I’m dreaming about; I can tell you about the content or possible content. Most of my dreams are very busy. There is usually a great number of things going on at the same time and usually in a building that has multiple floors.

Last night’s dream was very simple and direct. I noticed that a number of people in my life have similar patterns that are making them very unhappy, causing health problems or injuries and no one seems to notice there is an easy fix. I was struck by the fact I am attracting those people into my life and hadn’t noticed the similarities.


more dreams

The Answer?

As usual, the answer is; I don’t have one, yet. I’m still sorting the possibilities and I’m certain I will have more dreams before I really know the answers. It could be they are attracted to me because I can see the patterns they are engaged in and provide some solutions. It also could be the at I’m attracting them into my space so I can remember that at some level or in some context; I am doing that as well and need to change my methodology or filters. (I think it’s this one).

more dreams

Repetitive Dreams, Problems, and Situations

Whether one notices or not, we all have repetition in our lives. It’s how we learn and how we achieve levels of Mastery. If you have ever watched a child repeat something over and over until they have it, you’ll know what I mean. Some people like to watch movies or read books or do activities again and again for the same purpose. This is another way of achieving Mastery through the emotional connection that they get each time. I am a huge proponent of movie watching for that reason.

The patterns that repeat that cause us illness, injury or drama/trauma, also, need to be noticed, rather than avoided. Frequently, they contain vital information that we need to go to the next level of our evolution. The really fun part is no one can tell what those messages are except you.

Take some time today and notice whether you have seen this pattern(s) before? If you can, take a little more time and ask what the HIDDEN MESSAGE is and what you can do to close this loop? Another view may be that you are attracting others into your life so you can view a particular pattern without having to experience yourself. There are lots of ways to get the message. None of them is right or wrong.

The last suggestion is to give yourself time to have more dreams. Go to bed early or stay in bed a little longer for the next few days. You never know what dreams may come? (Psst… I love that movie)

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