Native American Healers (Black Elk), Second Trance

Native American Healers (Black Elk), Second Trance

Healers, particularly, Native American Healers are an interesting bunch of folks to connect within a deep trance identification. Their energy feels so different than what you might recognize as “normal” energy. Connecting with a subject that has a similar background may feel more normal but if you want normal why are you connecting in the first place. The goal here is to learn something new, different or inexperienced.

This trance proved to be shocking to me. The depth of sadness and longing was hard to manage during the connection and I felt a little messed up for a while after. Aside from that, I felt the same kind of connection with nature that I felt with the Peruvian Shaman. That connection is something we all have but it’s been trained and shamed out of us “modern” humans, who were taught to think that nature is something out there, rather than inside of us as well as all around us.



The Connection

I think I could re-connect just by thinking about Black Elk. His energy is so strong; being around him while he was alive must have been really something to experience. The connect was solid and palpable. I felt no fear of dying as I have with several of these deep trance identifications. I could see through his eye all of the horrors of war, hatred, and persecution but that was just the first level.

The second level was an understanding of how things work. Not just in living with nature but in being with a race of humans that hate and destroy everything in their path, while sleeping like babies at night. It was unsettling.


The Trance

The second trance was deep, very deep. I had to repeat it several times. The last 6 trances were done without a trance partner or guide so getting lost or drifting off to sleep can be an issue. You just have to give yourself instructions to remember all of the details for recall later.

As stated previously, I had the sense that I was actually there in the snow, death, and bodies all around. Then I had the sense that I was an old man who was just tired of all the conflict and wanted to live his life as he had been promised. But knowing those who made those promises would never keep them. When you make promises to your cat or dog, I doubt you would feel guilty if you broke them. Well, maybe a little but how much sleep would you really lose?

Black Elk’s ability as a healer is remarkable. He was smart, thorough and basically took dictation from the spirits; who told him what to do next. It’s similar to the way I write. I sit down, put my hands on the keys and the spirits move my fingers until ‘Im done. It’s kind of a cool automatic writing superpower.


Final Thoughts

How many great healers, leaders, and thinkers will we kill before we return to a more holistic and ecological life? It probably won’t be during my lifetime. I’m guessing it will be after modern humans have wiped themselves out and just a few are left to rebuild or we finally get on of those catastrophic events we’ve been promised, for so long.

That may sound a little cynical but hey if the shoe fits. We as humans aren’t getting better fast enough to undo what the corporate machines are doing to rape the land, kill off all indigenous people(s) and squeeze one last penny from the earth before the check arrives. The only thing I can do is try to make the circles I live and travel in, better than when I found them.


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