Negative Hallucination

Negative Hallucination 

A negative hallucination is removing the perception of stimulus that exists; this could be not seeing an object or person that is really there, not smelling a smell that is present, etc. This might sound a little counter-intuitive but if you think about it, you’ll get pretty fast.

How many time have you seen or heard about people who walk into walls, get into car wrecks and say, “I never saw that car?”. It happens a lot and the reason for it is a negative hallucination.

We can do this in trance. We can do this consciously (by choice) or unconsciously (by trauma) and we can do it through habituation. Where the mind just deletes something or someone because it isn’t part of the context we are currently involved in, like unintentionally ignoring or tuning someone out while reading a book or watching television.

negative hallucination

Parlor and Stage Hypnosis

Unfortunately, most people’s experience with hypnosis is either book, a movie or some type of entertainment show involving hypnotic phenomena. If you’ve seen a show or watched youtube video os people unable to see the hypnotist (after suggestion) or losing an arm, etc; then you have seen what you can to with negative hallucination. It isn’t really a problem as long as you know that recreational hypnosis is different than therapeutic hypnosis. Stage shows can be fun but that’s what they are… fun. But have nothing to do with therapeutic hypnosis.


negative hallucination

Therapeutic Metaphors

An example, of negative hallucination, that is fairly common is how people perceive their bodies, their intelligence, etc. For some no matter how thin they are they still have 5 more pounds to lose. For others, they may have gained 50-75 pounds since high school and when they look in the mirror they still see that same image of themselves as they were “at the best”.

Another example that can be very sad to meet someone who is attractive, height-weight appropriate who thinks they are homely, ugly or in some way flawed. One of the issues is our societies obsession with perfection. Another is the media’s desire to sell you their latest products, but the most common reason is a well-meaning parent who is trying to get their child to “be their best” without any knowledge of the impact of their actions and words.

The final example may be one that most people do not associate with hypnotic metaphor. Deleting People.
How it is possible that we delete people? We may have a homeless person on the same street corner we pass every day. But do we see them? There are stories, every day, about people who need help, are hungry or just need someone to walk over and say “hey” are you doing okay? Whatever the mind sees everyday habituates and we can delete what is unnecessary for our safety and survival.

negative hallucination

Solutions to Negative Hallucination Metaphors

If you wish to free yourself from unnecessary or unwanted negative hallucination… WAKE UP and pay attention to what is going on around and inside of you.

Trance is the reason for a negative hallucination and it can be the solution as well. Being able to differentiate between ‘real and imagined” is a skill we all need to develop. Sometimes just having someone assist you in a formal trance and demonstrate how negative hallucination functions can be enough. 

Sometimes some extensive trancework to modify beliefs or identity is needed as well. If you grew up in a family that never had any extra money and find yourself in a career where lots of money is part of this career path. The person may need to create a problem so they can lose their job so they can return to a familiar equilibrium. I’ve seen this happen frequently.

A third method, similar to hypnosis, is mindful meditation. A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. This practice is about being completely aware of where you are, what you are doing and whom you are doing that with. It differs from traditional hypnosis in that you can practice while walking, sitting, making love, etc.

Whatever method you choose will be a better choice than wandering around the planet and deleting people and things around you that can really may your time on this planet more pleasant.

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