Paralyzed… Milton Erickson, Second Trance

Paralyzed… Milton Erickson, Second Trance

Paralyzed, wasn’t what I was hoping for when I began the second deep trance identification with Milton Erickson. I’ve read the stories. I have a nodding understanding what that must be like. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of being unable to move, swallow, talk or even breathe as if I had survived polio. wasn’t all that much fun during the 20 minutes of trance.



My Expectations

Considering I have idolized Milton Erickson my entire career of NLP and Hypnosis, it seems normal to me to have a positive expectation of MASSIVE LEARNING AND INSIGHT from doing a deep trance identification with this subject. Perhaps I’ve seen too many Dinsey movies. The idea of hurling thunderbolts of hypnosis skills doesn’t seem unreasonable to me but that isn’t what happened. Erickson primary archetype is The Healer but I also think he is the TRickster or Court Jester. The only one who can tell the King the truth and not get his head chopped off. We have all but eliminated this archetype from our culture, maybe we should bring him/her back?

The Second Trance

The feelings of paralysis happened early on in the trance and continued, through the session. My trance partner noted that I was twitching like I had nerve damage on my right side but I wasn’t aware of this at the time. I was more focused on being unable to move ANYTHING on my left side. speaking felt strange. The whole process felt strange.

I did have the knowledge of there wasn’t anything to explain, although my trance partner was asking questioned they seemed remedial an unnecessary. There was no arrogance on the part of Erickson just an understanding that if you want to help someone you need to understand what they are trying to do and how what they are doing (the problem) is a step in the right direction.

This seems really easy but I know it will require a great deal of compassion and empathy on my part to slide in and out of that mindset. both in the office and in my personal life.


What You Want

When you ask people what they want, they generally either tell you what they don’t’ want or they give you some quick answer; more money, better sex, free TV, whatever their answer is. What they aren’t telling you is what they are going to do with those things and what the final emotional outcome is. Probably because they don’t know, yet. Think paralyzed.

If you suddenly had a million dollars what would happen next? Or if you woke up and a 20 year-long issue was magically gone, what now? It’s that what now that we need to be focused on, rather than the steps or who did what to whom, so long ago.


Final Thoughts

I really learned a great deal from this deep trance identification. The number one thing is I’m on the right track and I just need to work on my chops to get it down, my way. The second thing I learned is that I’m going to ask people what will that do or get for you? Their answer will tell me what to do next if anything. Lastly, I am so happy that I haven’t had to learn to live with being paralyzed or a crushing injury, disease or life issue that prohibits my thoughts, movements or actions. It’s a privilege I have that won’t be taken for granted any longer.


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