Peruvian Shaman Trance 2

Peruvian Shaman Trance 2

Peruvian Shaman, trance 2 was the type of trance I was expecting when I began this 100 days of trance adventure. I finally had the opportunity and the trance partner to go at a very deep level with this archetype. This trance was completely strange to me and my partner said that I was really different during the trance. I think he used the term “on serious mushrooms”. I will have to ask him later if he has ever seen or been on serious mushrooms or if this was just a metaphor *smiles.

peruvian shaman

The Trance Method

I have used several methods on this type of trance. Trying to get a full-blown connection, for me, has been problematic, at best. What seems to work for me in this environment is me going into trance, gathering as much information as possible and then opening my eyes while still connected to the subject. I then have the trance partner ask as many questions as are relevant to the subject. Once the questions are completed I release the subject and come back out of the trance.

This particular subject (Peruvian Shaman) had difficulty answering “American” questions to a subject that Americans have no frame of reference. so a lot of the questions that were asked made no sense to the subject.

peruvian shaman

The Trance

The trance itself was frightening for me. I had the feeling of fear and then sadness. The fear of dying, briefly. I’m unsure if it was my personal feeling because I was moving my personality to the side or if it was coming from the subject. When the connection was made I felt my abdomen begin to tremble like doing way too many situps. It traveled across my right side to the left and continued during the whole deep trance identification.

The sadness was definitely the Puervian Shaman and the trees. His connection to the earth and nature was astounding. I have never had the experience of being able to feel the trees, at this level. It wasn’t like I could talk to them or more like think to them and they thought back. The trees are worried about their very survival as well as ours. It’s difficult to explain. We, humans, are not very forward-thinking in terms of long-term survival of this planet.

peruvian shaman

The Questions

The questions like when did you decide to do what you do? Do you believe in fate? Or similar questions were of no use in this trance. The shaman just does what he does because that is who he is. He doesn’t have a sense of what his “best” accomplishment was nor does he know what his worse mistake was. He doesn’t believe in death, the way Americans do, we just move on. His take on death was very strange to me. He said a moment ago a billion ants died, there will be more. What does that even mean? I know, I don’t know anything about this kind of thinking.

He did say he was part of Mother Earth and had a sense of being apart from, sort of. As I said, it’s difficult to write down. It’s the whole, not one, not two, thing, I seem to be encountering over and over.

I also had a sense of being in the presence of spirits. Not Casper, the friendly ghost but a real sense and reverence of hundreds of beings. I can’t say if they were people, ancestors, trees, aliens; just lots of spirits. I think next time I will slow down and see if they want to join the conversation.

peruvian shaman

Final Thoughts

This the first subject I have identified with that doesn’t have a Western, Christian or any other recognizable spiritual framework to attach to that is familiar to me. It was a completely new series of thoughts and actions that I will have ponder, for a while. And I’m considering going back to that trance identification to gain more insight.

There was a lot to be learned, absorbed and integrated. I just didn’t have the time to devote to this one subject, but he’s on my list of return subjects when this 100-day project has ended.

Do we need to pay attention to what we are doing to our planet and the environment? yes, we do. I also am interested in how this knowledge can be applied to my hypnosis skillset. What ecological things am I ignoring? How do I add these insights into my lexicon of how to think, live, feel and love? This would include my personal life, relationships as well as my chosen field of work. How can I align myself more with nature while sitting in my office? Too many questions with not enough answers for now.

peruvian shaman

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