Remote Healing Day 2… Anxiety as an Energy Experience

Remote Healing Day 2… Anxiety as an Energy Experience

Remote Healing Day 2 is taking a fun turn in today’s writing. It is about an unusual experience I had yesterday while talking with a client. This particular client has lots of things going on in their life and particularly anxiety that is preventing the client from sleeping well or very deeply.

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Back Story

While having a session with this client, I needed to ask the question, “do you know anything about human energy?” The purpose of the question was to determine if she was empathic and didn’t know she was. Empathic people have the “interesting” gift of being able to feel other people’s emotions, frequently when they don’t wish to.  After a little more explanation, the client agreed, at least in theory, she feels peoples emotions and energy.

Creatively using the words how and when and where the client exhibits this response. Gives them an opportunity to evaluate the response rather than experiencing it. You may notice that I seldom ask “why?” How, when, where, for how long, these question will get you better information than the word why; which will give you their belief instead of the process.

remote healing day 2

Intervention Experiment 

The client did an experiment that you can do as well. You will need a partner to do this energy test. I had the client close their eyes and I just extended my energy out until I saw the client non-verbally respond. The test was is the client could feel me touching the end of their nose with my energy. I then had the client stand up, turn around and sit back down. This is called a pattern interrupt.

Next step. I had the client close their eyes again and this time I wrapped my energy around them and they immediately got uncomfortable and started to stand up. I had the client do another “pattern interrupt” and then we checked on that thing the client calls, Anxiety.

The client reported that the Anxiety was now a signal that the client was taking into too much energy from other people and this signal was telling them they needed to either unload that energy or leave where they were. That is a fantastic response. learning to listen to your mind and body is what trance is for, in the first place.

remote healing day 2

The Solution

For this client, the solution is being present to the signals they are receiving. We did a possible solution that seemed to work, in terms of their personal experience. Since the client is young, I guessed that they may be well-versed in DC or Marvel comics. I had them pick a favorite character that had some type of shield or force field device.

I asked them to repeat a recent Anxiety event, in their head; with the instructions to play the movie… SLOWLY. When they got right up to the trigger of the emotion, they pressed a remote that paused the movie. They then turned on their shield or force field and pressed the play button. The event played out but the energy, usually absorbed by them, was deflected by the force field or shield. Yes, this is a positive hallucination. (read more)

But for this client, it provides enough a gap for them to decide what their next response is going to be, rather than some automatic response. (trance)

We then did a future pace (article coming) on possible similar events that may occur in the near, medium and distant future. This allows the brain to practice in advance what may happen and utilize the new strategy in a safe environment. Just as in anything, vividly imaging something causes the mind and body to create new pathways to a skill.

Today’s Trance

The remote healing day 2 trance was kind of strange, since I’m new to this and not certain of what I’m sensing is accurate. 
I spoke to the mother of this client and told her that I felt like she smokes or vapes. I also know this person smokes pot (I have no opinion about what people do in their spare time) The mother verified that the client does vape, occasionally, and the pot-smoking seems to be a family thing.

Then I told the client’s mother about what I felt about the client’s heart; it felt weak. The mother stated that the client has been taken to the ER on more than one occasion and checked for heart problems. The mother then remarked that it was interesting that I picked up on that. I was thinking, yeah, me too.

The throat chakra was active but there is something that the person can’t talk about. Could be a family thing, could be the fact that teenagers and inexperienced adults don’t’ always have words for what they are feeling, thinking or experiencing.

The third eye was fine, closed but fine.

And that brain is busy.

I didn’t attempt to fix anything this was just an exploration.

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