Remote Healing Day 3…more information

Remote Healing Day 3… more information

For my remote healing exercise, today, I got permission from a yoga client of mine to do a ‘checkout dive”. This individual, I’ve known for lots of years, but this will be completely different learning on my part. 

It’s also useful to note that the client did not request any specific healing of any kind so I’m just kind of observing what I can see, hear, feel and know from this individual. I’m honing my skills so I’m noticing what I’m noticing and then I talk to the person to calibrate my skills. I seem to be getting more information each time I do this process, but I am still nervous about accuracy.

remote healing day 3


The 3 People

There are 3 people inside every person. These are, who you think you are, who others think you are and who you actually are. This particular person in my estimation is awesome. I know what they do for a living, the family, and friends. And during the past 12 is years of teaching them yoga; eventually, you have to talk about something between postures, so I know lots of somethings. And even though they requested no healing I specifically looked at their knees, ankles, and hips. This person is scheduled for a hip replacement and eventually a knee replacement very soon.

remote healing day 3

The Dive

The process today was much like any other. You take off your shoes, remove any metal and connect. I imagine I’m forming an energy ball in my hands that becomes the person. You place one hand on their head and the other on the area of their back where the solar plexus chakra is. With different people sometimes you see the chakra light up and start spinning, sometimes you just get information and sometimes I feel the connection between both hands. It is when I feel that pulse between my hand I know it’s time to move to the next chakra.

The More Information Part

This person works out 5-6 days per week so all the organs and muscles are strong. The breathing and lungs are good.

The heart is fit but I picked up something interesting. This is a very passionate person as I saw an interesting face during this showing me what they might look like in a different time and place before the wound. They are a good friend and would literally give you the shirt off of their back.

There is a deep wound in this heart. I didn’t linger long enough to get the source but there was a conscious choice never to love again and my opinion is the world is a smaller place because of this wound. Once again I wasn’t asked to do anything about that.

When I moved to the lower extremities I noticed that the right knee is tired, very tired. It’s been doing its job offsetting the imbalance of the left hip for so long it needs to rest. The right ankle is good and being held accountable for some of the knee issues but it’s not the ankle’s fault.

The left hip wasn’t really talking to anyone today so yes, it needs replacing but it’s not giving up any information or I just don’t speak fluent hip joint. (a definite possibility)

When I was reading the spine I noticed an imbalance and I asked for that to be corrected and yes, I know I didn’t have permission to do that but it wouldn’t have straightened up if it weren’t okay to request that. I will have to talk to the client in a day or so and ask if they notice if they are standing a little taller and more movement and flexibility, etc. and ask if the hip and or knee as less stress because of the spine straightening. All in all, I think a successful deep dive. Time will tell if I’m actually doing anything worthwhile or just seriously hallucinating.

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