Remote Healing Day 4… one-two punches

Remote Healing Day 4

Remote healing day 4 trance time was hard today. The subject is someone I know very well but I didn’t expect to feel and see what I did. When the trance was completed it felt like I had been receiving a series of 1-2 punches.

I used to fight full contact so I remember that feeling of being punched 700-800 times; it starts to sting after a while. Having expectations, also, probably isn’t the best policy to have in regards to remote healing. Lesson learned. Go in, observe, do what you can do (if anything) and let the universe take care of the details.

remote healing day 4

Sending Energy

Today was the first day that I have sent energy twice. I have had a really busy schedule and I didn’t have time to do a trance immediately after sending energy the first time. I don’t know that I needed to send the energy a second time, it just seems like the right thing to do. As I’m writing this I think that the answer was no, so more lessons learned. Additionally, when I returned from trance, I was feeling all funky until I realized I was still connected to the subject and need to set an energy boundary.

remote healing day 4

The View

The second time I had more time to slowly go through the subject’s body. There are lots of things going on in terms of individual ” body complaints or minor issues”. But once I got in there I could see a pattern. The 2nd Chakra, although functioning, wasn’t connected to the others. There are no major chakra or energy issues, save that one disconnection.

All the rest of the physical things going on are a direct result of a decision that was made. And that decision is causing stress and inflammation to the whole system but since they are showing up in different forms in different parts of the body you can see why one could miss that they are all related. That may sound strange but you know that whole mind-body connection thing is a thing.


remote healing day 4

My Suggestion

My suggestion is… I don’t have one. The person’s stress is being caused by multiple factors some within the person’s control but some are not. This individual has a very high degree of empathy and compassion. They feel the world and the hard part they don’t wish to. So they decided to switch off certain feelings about situations, in which, they feel powerless about. The funny thing about that is I really don’t know anyone who can do that very effectively. The unconscious mind although very powerful is also a very simple mind that responds to direct suggestion. 

If you say “I just don’t want to feel THAT anymore”, the unconscious mind may not know what THAT is and just turn off everything. This is what I think has happened. The subject is currently experiencing acid reflux, painful breasts, low libido, intermittent sleeplessness, fatigue most recently an increase in high blood pressure to the borderline of dangerous levels.

remote healing day 4

What Now?

Eventually, the subject is going to have to make some decisions that may affect others in her world. What those decisions look like, sound like or feel like only the subject will be able to tell you. She will need to do two things if she is to heal and eliminate additional possibilities of health-risk:

1. She will have to turn her feeling back on and actually process those unresolved feelings.

This is easy to say sometimes difficult to do. We all try to protect ourselves and protect others by closeting our feeling and “just not deal with them”. Without doing this one part the subject may be heading down the road to serious illness where she has to take care of herself instead of others to the exclusion of herself.

2. She needs to learn how to choose herself first instead of last.

This may sound more simple than it is. Our society is very much organized about taking care of others putting yourself last, working until you drop and skipping your vacation because it’s good for the company. Americans are the most overworked, under-slept, unable-to-relax humans of this planet.

We are rewarded for our sacrifice with status, monster health issues and sometimes an early death because our unconscious mind can’t justify the amount of neglect that we heap upon ourselves in the name of caring for others. This subject needs to grasp that you cannot give if the tank is empty.

Taking time to refill the energy tank. Learning to say no or figure it out yourself may be hard, at first, but teaching those around you to bring possible solutions with them while discussing problems is a skill worth learning.

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