Remote Healing day 5 – Feeling Blocked

Remote Healing day 5 – Feeling Blocked

Remote Healing day 5, the subject is feeling blocked. People use the vaguest language and descriptions, lol. I get it. They either don’t really know what it is that they are feeling or they really just don’t want to talk about it, lest the tears, anger or whatever other emotion begins to pour out. Depending on the context you are in this could be a huge problem. Society doesn’t know how to act when humans aren’t calm, controlled and moving another with the other Borgs.


remote healing day 5

The Session

I seem to have a pathological need to do things differently. So I did today’s energy healing before I even got out of bed. I’m assuming that is fine and I’ve never seen an energy healing manual on Amazon. On second thought, I’ll check that there probably is one. (actually 806)

The session began with the standard protocol. I noticed low activity in the solar plexus, throat and third-eye chakras. Since I don’t’ have enough experience to generally, know what this means, I usually have to wait until the trance portion before that message becomes clear. I sent energy to all of the affected areas.

remote healing day 5


The trance portion of the session was interesting to me. I noticed lots of mixed feeling with the feeling of forgiveness as the one rising to the top. I’m not sure if the subject needs to be forgiven, if there is someone who won’t forgive them or if they need to forgive themselves for some unknown mistake or transgression.

There were a few mixed signals I received. One of them is was that the subject thinks they need to be “grown-up” in order to make an impact on their life and their family and there is resistance to being a grown up, whatever that means.

Frequently our perception of being grownup means that we have to abandon having fun, laughing activities, generally reserved for childhood, in order to assume this role of responsibility. I’ve been in that space and nothing can make you and others around you more miserable than being around someone who thinks that all fun is over and every moment of life in no serious or somber.

remote healing day 5


Whether you need to forgive someone or forgive yourself the reasons for doing this are many. The energetic or karmic weight of this is profound and can affect all areas of your life. So if there is someone you need to forgive, please do that right away and set that bag of bricks you are carrying down and walk away. Regardless of the reasons to not forgive, the benefits of no longer carrying that around are too numerous to count.

On the flip side, if there is someone who needs to forgive you; you can either ask them to forgive you (only slightly scary, but worth it) or if the answer is no, just forgive yourself and disconnect for that person’s energy and let them deal with the karmic effects.

remote healing day 5

The Wind-up

I will have to speak to the subject after posting this and find out how much, if any, of this information, is accurate for her. So far I’m batting about .750 in the reading department. I guess this is good? I suppose we all need to keep our egos in check when doing anything. The mistake here would be, is to think that all information received is 100% accurate and my own personal beliefs, value, and experiences aren’t mucking up the system.

So the “Wind-up” will be what information is given here is correct and useful for the subject at this moment. and hopefully, they will visit this post again and get something completely new. Kind of like watching a favorite movie and seeing something that you’d hadn’t on the prior 30 times you viewed it.