Remote Healing day 6 – the weird-o-meter

Remote Healing day 6

Remote Healing day 6 hit about a 10 on my weird-o-meter today. I verified with the subject if she felt anything. She said “I felt what I would call two bursts in my chest…took me off guard. Then I felt what I’d call ease. Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Quick and subsided.” I would call that a yes!

I’m trying to get more feedback from the subjects after the session, again to calibrate what I’m experiencing, as accurate. Today was definitely a win.


remote healing day 6

The Energy

When I plugged into the subject the first thing I noticed was that they breathe very high in their chest, no belly breathing. This could be an American thing where you are told to hold your stomach in your whole life until you can only chest breathe. My sense that it was something more like fear or panic. The rest of the chakras were well-balanced energy fair, no major health issues, as yet.

I did pick up a slight stress induced LDL (low-density lipoprotein) thing; subject verified was accurate and the subject has an elevated blood pressure which is also, probably, stress-related. It’s isn’t my purpose to diagnose, nor am I qualified to do so, it’s just something I noticed, like the breathing pattern.

remote healing day 6

Trance Time

Cruising around inside someone’s body is definitely a strange feeling, but I’m a great trance subject. I noticed that I was getting a lot of pictures, movies, and side thoughts. The primary thing I noticed is this subject has a lot of fear that is based in the past. It seems strange to me that people who are tall or short or in any way different than the norm have a tendency to be bullied. Tall people (subject is tall) seem to be a target to those who are less height-advantaged.

My reading was that this person is still holding on to those memories and projects them into the future. The subject doesn’t spend a vast amount of time in the present. Except in one context. They are able to be very good at what they do for a living. So it isn’t them that is standing out (too dangerous) it’s their work or work accomplishments.

remote healing day 6

A Healing

This remote healing is the first time I’ve seen anything that could be remotely construed as a healing. While watching the subject, in trance, I looked down and saw what could only be described as a brown liquid (I know what you’re thinking) on the floor and it looked as if it were coming out of a wound in the subject’s body.

About that time I popped out of trance because my motion-sensitive light switch turned the lights on in my office. I don’t know why it does that when there isn’t anyone in my office, but me, and I’m not moving. (only slightly creepy)

My sense is that once that foul, yet viscous fluid has departed and the wound closes, the subject’s short-term health issues will disappear. Again I will have to verify that in the future.

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