Remote Healing day 7… Bullies-R-Us

Remote Healing day 7

Today’s article, which is remote healing day 7, is entitled “Bullies-R-Us. We all have our interesting ways of dealing with stress and usually, we draw on our childhood training. When people are stressed or afraid, angry or hurt they will respond in 4 ways.

They will: Fight, Fly, Freeze or Fold. This isn’t good or bad it’s just a hard-wired mechanism that humans have used since the dawn of time. It is only since we have created our “modern era” that other options have come into play like the police, mediation, and other modern mechanisms. However, when the fire gets turned up enough we revert to our lizard brain to keep us alive.


remote healing day 7

Today’s Healing Session

On my end, today’s remote healing day 7 session when pretty much as per normal. Same ritual with nothing new. I did have few questions for the subject about her experience. This is what she sent me:

remote healing day 7For a lager, scaleable view (click here)


She said at her remote healing:
a little pressure in the head
then it eased
a lot of pressure in the head
then felt very sleepy
doesn’t remember if there was something in-between

the shortest healing ever!
felt stuff moving right to left… pressure in the spleen
felt a whole galaxy moved left to front

black substance dripping
polled into ball
traveled to the left leg
had to make a conscious choice to let it go
burst out the front
maybe fell asleep/ maybe just got up

Apparently, her experience on her end was far more interesting than mine, lol. All I asked for was to facilitate whatever she needed to heal. I thought it was about a severe injury she received from being hit by a car. Just shows we know nothing. A good reminder for me. However, people represent their healing experience is absolutely perfect for them.

remote healing day 7

The Trance

My trance experience was, yet again, very different, as also per normal. Each person needs different things so I just trust the universe is going to give them what they want and need; I’m just the TV antennae.

I noticed there was a story about bullying. This experience has taught the subject only one method of defending herself and we chatted about the possibilities of creating some new strategies they next time she comes to the office. She did verify that she “might” unintentionally have bullied her adult daughter and her husband. This isn’t a scolding. People do what they do to survive so there is no judgment, on this end, about how she does what she does.

The other “vision” I had was the answer to the question; How are Orcs created? In the J.R.R. Tolkien book, Lord of the Rings, it was explained that orcs are created by torturing captured elves until their minds and bodies are twisted and evil. Isn’t that what we do to people by berating, belittling and bullying? I think yes.

Final Curiosity

There was a part of the trance that I’m curious about. I got a message about Automatic Writing. It’s a hypnotic phenomenon I will write about soon. so I’m not absolutely sure the message was for my subject or if it was a personal message to remember and to write about. The concept is simple. You go into trance and allow the non-dominant hand to write, draw or make symbols. You may or not be aware while this is happening. It can be a great way to converse with your unconscious about things of importance.

I did speak to the subject and she said that she is currently experiencing “Writer’s Block”.  Perhaps after this healing session, she will be able to write more easily.

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