Remote Healing Day 1 of 10

Remote Healing – Day 1 of 10

Is Remote Healing really part of hypnosis? I think the answer here is, yes. If you think about how humans we are, in essence, organic batteries or better yet, power stations. Many people feel, or see or somehow perceive energy; and no, we aren’t going to start chanting, (well maybe).

My understanding of how the body works is that all of our body has a specific frequency when we are healthy. There are different frequencies for each organ and it the body or a specific organ is ill, injured or unhealthy the frequency is different. I say my understanding because I understand this logically, but some people know can see, hear or feel this. The only weird thing I can do is smell certain diseases, like diabetes.


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The Process

This process for remote healing, I’m going to use is two-fold. Yes, I’m using my own method because there isn’t a one-true method that I know of. Each healer uses their own intuition about how and what to do. I’m sure that if we were in a primitive tribe there would be something like a procedure but Dallas, Texas is something other than a primitive tribe, right?

Part 1

I have been trained in a methodology called S.H.Y. (Spiritual Human Yoga) and had the unique experience of having a Peruvian shaman live with me for 3 months. Those two experiences have given me, I think, enough information and training to go forward… time will tell.

What’s the short version of how to practice remote healing? You connect to the Universal Energy Source and transfer that energy to a person through either touch or remotely to each of the energy chakras. You begin at the solar plexus and go up the chain to the crown of their head. The whole process takes 2 minutes or less.

The next step is you to go the affected or requested areas and put energy there. You kind of “just know” when you are done because it’s like someone turned off the juice. It doesn’t take much time and there is no energy drain if you connect and use universal energy rather than your own. Some people I guess are just wired in, I have to connect each time.

Part 2

Because I have either physically or energetically touched the person, the next phase of the process is actually where the hypnosis comes into play. I lie down and ask for permission to get as much information as I can about this person so I can tell them what they may need to do to help speed up this healing and hopefully the condition won’t return. If I don’t get permission, then I don’t do the trance.

Part 3

Give the client the information from the trance and let them decide what is relevant and true for them. If they think it’s worth pursuing I can give them additional resources or referrals to professionals if hypnosis isn’t one of those options.

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Today’s Trance

I have a client who gave me permission to heal her hips, legs, and feet. She had a very severe car wreck years ago and those areas seem to give her non-stop problems. So far nothing has worked including surgeries, acupuncture, reiki, and the list goes on.

In the trance, I got information that the above problems were connected to her ovaries bursting about the 3rd year of her marriage. The reason her ovaries burst was to protect her and any possible children from repeating her childhood and the childhood of her husband. Both of which had “interesting” childhoods and are still working those problems out as adults. If she can forgive herself and her body for preventing the having of children the message is that her hips, legs, and feet can heal. 

Injuries and problem to the lower extremities can be a metaphor or someone’s inability to move forward until whatever is in the past or present has been resolved. I’m not saying this accurate. Just saying that what I was told. While writing this, I’m waiting for my client to verify if this information is accurate or relevant to her.

Want to Participate?

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