Remote Viewing day 1

Remote Viewing day 1

Remote viewing day 1, a change in trance protocol for me. I’ve never done any formal remote viewing although I do get the occasional intuitive flashes of things. This will be more deliberate. Hopefully, it will be more succinct than the automatic writing was. My conscious mind will appreciate something that it recognizes as a success, although the automatic writing wasn’t a fail.

Is Remote Viewing Hypnosis?

I think so. My definition of hypnosis is pretty flexible and since I think everyone is one form of trance, at all times, this definition works for me. For those with a more discriminating opinion, then yes remote viewing is a form of trance but it isn’t hypnosis in its truest form.


remote viewing day 1

Types of Remote Viewing 

There are basically two types of remote viewing:

Type one is the basic non-specific psychic or clairvoyant method. This is the one I will be using for the first 5 days of this segment. The method is simple. Sit down, go into a meditative or trance state and let your mind go to where it wants to go. This is the method I’m familiar with. I use this (or it uses me) to give messages, show me things and give insights.

Type two is the military method which is called controlled remote viewing. This is the method developed by Standford University. The CIA and military used this program called Stargate. and you can read about it here.

It was decommissioned in 1995 and the program was called ineffective. I don’t know anything about that program other than what is available on the internet. Here’s a PDF of the process.

remote viewing day 1

Today’s Remote Viewing Day 1


I picked a friend of mine’s house in the UK. I’ve never been there but I’m going to try to connect there and wander around. I will check with her later and find out how accurate, if at all, that I am.

The Session

I know very little about my friend house, except that it is in an ancient forest in the UK. I had a view of the house it feels old but the outside and inside have been rebuild. I know there used to be a guest house but I didn’t see one. I will check with my friend and see if that is accurate.

The inside feels new. I think I saw four rooms and a kitchen and one of the rooms has all their computer stuff, but I saw no images or impressions. There is a road over a bridge that goes to their house and continues on. and I saw a patio, again I will have to check the information.

Want to participate?

If you would have any interest in me doing a remote view, please send me an email.

Possible remote views:

Your house 
a place that you’ve been (write it down on a piece of paper) 
a photo or picture (place in an envelope)