Remote Viewing Day 2

Remote Viewing Day 2

Remote viewing day 2. I found a pretty informative video on remote viewing. It talks about the different versions and a progression for a how-to, which I thought was very well put together.

According to the video, I am using the psychic method of remote viewing. This means I am projecting myself to whatever location or thing I’m viewing, rather than letting the view come to me. I will try the other class remote viewing method in 3 more days. 


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Today’s Session

Remote viewing day 2 session is our old family cabin in New Mexico. It’s going to be hard to verify since we no longer own it and the family who bought it doesn’t visit often. I spent 15 minutes on this session.


Here are my impressions. I entered the valley and took the same road you would drive. When you reach the bottom of the wooden stairs and look up you can see an old gray cabin almost hidden in the trees up on a hill. The stairs are broken but since I’m floating, I just went up with no problem. to the left is the door to the basement. It had been smashed open.

The cabin, itself, looked the same (could be my memory intruding) though you could see wear and neglect. I could smell decay and there was the old outhouse of the side of the house. The older one was also there but it faded quickly. (another memory)

When I entered the house, I was bombarded by different feelings. The house itself is sad, due to disrepair and the lack of people coming to visit. The house remembers when it was the center of everyone’s weekend. The floors felt weak due to age, not due to any damage. And it felt like people were living there who were not invited.

remote viewing day 2

My Grandmother (1909-2002)

The last thing I saw was an image of my grandmother sitting at the large table where we used to play cards and eat all of our meals. There was an old bakelite radio playing music and giving the news from the one radio station that you can receive that far up in the mountains. 

It seems like this is where she wanted to be, she loved that cabin until her congenital heart failure made her unable to go up to that altitude. She had a cocktail and looked like she was either playing Yahtzee or some card game I couldn’t see.

Final Thoughts

It may be a few weeks before I can get in touch with the people who own the cabin to verify the condition of the cabin. I find it strange that I saw my grandmother. I really had an off-and-on relationship with her and haven’t thought about her, fondly or at all, since her death. She seemed at peace and really happy. I glad for her that she has found a place to rest. We all need a safe space to put down our collective “bag of bricks” and just relax.

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