Remote Viewing Day 3… Why Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing Day 3… Why Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing day 3 is going to be more of an explanation of WHY REMOTE VIEWING. I had a colleague tell me yesterday that my remote viewing articles were less interesting than some of the other hypnotic topics I’ve been writing about during this 100 days of trance. So this article will be an attempt to add some interest to this segment that hopefully, will make sense. Additionally, prior to this 100-day project, I have had no interest in remote viewing; it’s not hypnosis… it’s trance. So I apologize if I have unintentionally made this segment boring.


What Can Remote Viewing Do?

There are so many things you can do with remote viewing.
Here’s a list very incomplete list:

Visit a place you haven’t seen before
Visit places you have seen before and notice what’s changed
You can see if stock prices will go up or down
Did you ever wish to view inside someone’s body? (works on pets too)
How about follow friends and loved one around? (you might be seen if you do this)
Go into places that are restricted (not recommended)
Travel to different planets and galaxies (also not recommended)

Who is interested in Remote Viewing?

The fact that remote viewing was created as a military tool was interesting.  Traditionally more women have been deemed to be clairvoyant than men.  Psychic abilities are generally more accepted among women than among men.  By structuring clairvoyance as a new kind of military intelligence tool and reformulating its essence into a series of rigid protocols, guidelines, and rules, remote viewing became more acceptable to men.  Women never used their clairvoyance as a “tool” in the past.  The only “application” ever promoted by women for their psychic abilities was generally in the healing realm.  (source: Skeptical Psychic)

There seems to be more interest in remote viewing based on the people I’ve talked to from the male gender. The females in my life have different ways of describing this as in clairvoyance or astral travel. I guess since the military has carved out their own personal niche, it makes sense that more men would be familiar with remote viewing but from the secret squirrel/spying/aliens point of view.

My interest is purely from the aspect of its part of the macro-definition of trance. It has been fun so far but I’m not going to be jumping into this remote viewing world as a way of making a living.

Have a look at yesterday’s article and watch the video if you have an interest in trying this for yourself. I’d love to know about your results. You can email me here.

remote viewing day 3

Remote Viewing Day 3

I decided to push myself today. I contacted two someones and asked for a random location(s) that they had been that I had not. The one I picked was Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park in Montana. 

remote viewing day 3

As you can see I got the correct state. I originally thought of Montana and then my brain said, “wait, there aren’t glaciers in Montana”. So I switched to thinking about Alaska and the circuit went dead. Verifying that it was indeed Montana I was able to do the rest of the viewing.

I got the correct side of the state but not the correct quadrant. The lake actually in the upper western quadrant.
I felt the cool air and I had the impression of 3 mountains which I found for the main picture of this article.


There were several other impressions, so I talked to the person and she verified that yes, there were three mountains. But I was incorrect on the sand. The shoreline is covered with small rocks. She couldn’t remember if they had hot dogs and I saw a station wagon but they had a sedan of some sort. The pine trees were correct and I could smell them along with the smell of decay from the dead ones on the ground (could be a memory intrusion).

My rating for this remote viewing day 3 is about 50% accuracy. Not bad for zero experience on a live site with no additional information. (Big Happy Face)

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