Remote Viewing day 5 – Coronado Island, San Diego California

Remote Viewing day 5

Remote Viewing day 5, the target was Coronado Island, San Diego California. I’m kind of glad today is the last day of this portion of the remote viewing segment. The next 5 days will be a more traditional style of remote viewing, i.e. eyes open, pencil moving the whole time. The most important aspect is the view comes to you rather than you going to the target. Should be interesting since I’ve never done that either. (smiles)


remote viewing day 5

The View

The drawing I made during remote viewing day 5 surprised me. As I was drawing, I was wondering if I was even close to what I was supposed to be observing. After talking to the person who suggested the view. She said that there was a bridge from San Diego that takes you to the island; and that the drive was beautiful. So not even close on the actual viewing of the island, but totally nailed the person in the car (not a convertible in real life). Knowing this person they had the windows down and the sea breeze blowing through the car, lol.

remote viewing day 5

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get when you do a remote view. Did I get the island and all the beautiful landscape; decidedly no. Did I plug into the feelings of the person as they were driving across the bridge? Absolutely. I’m not sure if the untrained (that would be me) could really ever know what you’re going to get while doing a remote view. My suggestion is to try it for yourself and see what types of results that you get. I’d be more than happy to listen to a fine-tuning or points of expertise if anyone would care to post them.

remote viewing day 5

Want To Participate?

I’m looking for 3 people to place a drawing, photo or magazine photo into an envelope.
Seal the envelope and email me the location (GPS, if possible)
My goal is to locate the envelope and view the contents and draw a picture
and write an article about it.
Email me if you have an interest.