Remote Viewing day 6 – Stock Pick

Remote Viewing day 6

Remote Viewing day 6 is going to be something fun, picking a stock. I have a friend of mine who invests in the stock market.  and I asked her to pick a stock and she chose Xerox. I had to look up the symbol so the view is slightly tainted as my trusty Google search showed me a downturn in the stock.


remote viewing day 6

The View

Without even looking up the stock I somehow knew the stock was heading down, just FYI today might be a great day to buy some stock. Then I asked when would be the best sell day and I was told 6 weeks. So I’m assuming that would be 6 weeks from today, which would be October 6th. I am marking my calendar for that date and I will update this article, then and post the results.

Other Impressions

I had several other “random” thoughts about remote viewing day 6. One of them was the above movie. Does this mean there is going to be a “something” that happens and Xerox is going to do an unexpected downturn after October 6th? How does the analogy of someone bringing a knife to a gunfight play into this remote viewing? To be determined.

I also got several impressions of some other music companies, i.e. iTunes, Iheart and some other one which, of course, I didn’t write down as soon as I came out of the trance. Are they related to the knife/gunfight analogy? I think so, just not sure how.

remote viewing day 6

How to pick a Stock

There are lots of ways to pick stocks. One of the most successful methods was an experiment that they did with chimpanzees and random stock picks. This process was repeated 10 times for each year between 1968 and 2011, creating an army of monkey investors. (source:

I have friends and family who trade in the market while I do not. (probably should) The most understandable method for me is the 5 quarters method. When you look at a stock you look at the performance of the stock during the past 5 quarters to get an idea of the stocks past performance. You can then look at the projections and kind of guess that unless something unforeseen happens the stock will probably continue to perform in the same manner.

remote viewing day 6

What’s going to happen?

I have no clue. maybe on October 6th, we will find out. I’m hoping that I have enough trust in my unconscious mind to just go with this and let the cards fall where they may. Surely I can do at least as well as chimpanzees picking stocks and buying and selling at random.


Want to Participate?

If you have an idea for remote viewing, i.e. a stock, and hidden or lost something or just a picture in an envelope.
Just send me an email and I’ll see if I can do it.