Remote Viewing Day 7 – Blind Location

Remote Viewing Day 7

Remote viewing day 7 was a blind location and sealed target. I had a friend of mine put a photo in an envelope and seal it. She then placed the envelope in a location unknown by me. My job was to find the location of the envelope and view the contents; which I knew was a photo.


remote viewing day 7

Another Less than Stellar Remote Viewing

Remote view pat A. I still seem to be only getting about 25% of the view. I had the location dead wrong. I did have a brief impression of the person’s car and then the information feed went dead or so I thought. What I now realize is that I was supposed doing two remote views instead of one. The car was the location and I got it but I didn’t know enough to focus on that first.

So Remote view part B. The contents of the photo was actually what I was viewing. I got some of the information correct. It was a picture taken in her bedroom of her roommate’s cat. I got the bedroom, the bed and side table correct and the color of the comforter. The lamp on the table was a partial yes, although the hole in the lamp is at the top rather than at the base. I also noted the bed wasn’t made.

remote viewing day 7

The Cat in the Photo

The photo view was almost a complete fail or was it?. What I saw was at first a windmill and then that changed into the Effiel Tower. The landscape was flat and there were lots of blue skies. While I was writing this I had a brief flash of inspiration so I called the subject and asked the cat’s name. Scala is the name of the cat. But I had to ask what did the name mean? Apparently, Scala is some kind of programming language. So was I getting the cat’s name from the photo and didn’t know it? Yes, or maybe?

That’s kind of a HUGE stretch but it works for me. I also looked up the Scala website. There are blue skies in the main photo of the website. Was my view of the photo a view of the cat’s name and I was being shown technology as a clue? I really don’t have enough experience doing this remote viewing to have these answers. So you, out there, in the know email me.

remote viewing day 7

The Take-Away

My takeaway from today’s remote viewing day 7 is perhaps my expectations on this remote viewing are completely skewed. I’m getting information but my conscious mind is so busy throwing away information that isn’t linear that it’s missing the whole picture. I wonder when and where else I do that in my daily AND therapeutic life?

Perhaps, instead of rushing to judge or discount what we are perceiving; taking a breath and just letting the dust settle a bit may be the right path. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

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