Revivification (Returning to a Former Trance)

Revivification, the classic definition.

Revivification is the reliving of an incident at the time at which it occurred, in the present tense. In a true revivification, the memories after the age to which the subject is regressed can be eliminated. Under hypnosis, a subject may even demonstrate the personality traits or handwriting of an earlier age. This article is part of the 100 days of Trance


Uses in Trance

Possibly the easiest way to induce trance is to have the subject remember a trance that they were in previously. A pleasant memory, reading a book they were engrossed in or a movie where they felt as if they were actually there. All of these memories are a form of trance that the subject can easily slip back into.

The whole purpose of revivification is to speed up the induction process so you can actually begin to get some work done. The longest part of the hypnotic process is actually educating the subject that they already go into and out of trance several times per day.

Another useful revivification can be a trance where the subject had lots of resources and flexibility in their behaviors. Utilizing this trance inside of an existing problem can activate their creativity and flexibility so they can solve whatever problem “X” is and how they may avoid or postpone it in the future.


Downsides and Metaphorical Issues

People do patterned behavior and because of this, if you have a subject who has had a lot of trauma or has been trained to only see problems the revivification works for them, but in reverse. Another way to look at this is; we are trained by our society and well-intentioned parents, teachers, etc. to look for what BAD THINGS that might happen, instead of looking at both the positive and the possible negative.

If you do that for a long enough time period you can develop a “doom-sayer” mentality. Which can be quite resilient and interesting to change.



Everything we do over and over is hypnotic. So one of the ways that you can induce trance and may yourself feel awesome is revivification. It’s simple. Do you have a favorite movie that makes you happy? Or inspired? Watch that movie as often as you can and find others that invoke the same feelings.

The simple act of watching a movie or reading a book is probably the quickest and easiest way to re-program yourself to feel the way you want to feel rather than just letting the naysayers or the news media tell you how to thank and feel. It’s your mind and body… take charge of it.

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