Root Cause… Watch This Movie

Root Cause… Watch This Movie

Root Cause, the movie (2019) was recommended, to me, by favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Mohnac. Mohnac and I go way back, like 20 plus years. I highly recommend him. He’s (Mohnac) always been on the cutting edge of health and health solutions so when he told me to watch this movie; I cued it up. I found the information in this video both, interesting and alarming.

root cause

My Weight Loss Clients

Whenever someone comes to my office for hypnosis concerning weight loss, I always ask if they have been to 3 professionals. Have they recently seen their primary physician, their ophthalmologist, and THEIR DENTIST?
I also am a HUGE proponent of chiropractic, but opinions vary from person to person. Think about it.

The WHY IS PRETTY SIMPLE. Without first checking for organic causes of their physical symptoms; I am reluctant to remove any symptoms they may be experiencing, The body is a lot smarter than we are and usually, symptoms are an indication that there is a problem or issue that may need to be addressed before proceeding with hypnosis.

Until watching this movie, my asking of this question to my general client population may have been “hit-or-miss depending on whether someone was in pain or having an auto-immune issue, etc…. this changes TODAY.

From today forward EVERYONE will have to answer this question and if they haven’t seen the 3 primaries, I will send them off to them before treatment.

root cause

Watch The Trailer… Then Watch the Movie

Spoiler Alert! The movie will outline some real dangers concerning tooth infection. What caught my interest is all the additional problems that can arise not just from the bacteria in the tooth and surrounding bone but in the toxins that every organism produces and especially bacterial toxins.

According to the experts in the movie, tooth infection/root canals have been linked to depression, anxiety, sleep issues, cancer, arthritis, and the list goes on.

My sister recently had a double mastectomy so you can bet; I will be sending her this information. The correlation between long-term health problems and tooth issues may or may not be as serious as outlined in the movie. But what if it was?

Watch the movie. Make your own decisions. For me personally, I will be making an appointment with a holistic dentist that owns a cone bean x-ray machine very soon. Years ago I had back problems that had no cause. I spent hundreds, if not thousands going to the chiropractor, taking anti-biotics and occasionally, pain pills to remain functional. What if was tooth problems or infections that were never identified?

Watch the movie, it’s on NetFlix or Amazon Prime,  and let me know your opinions.


root cause

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