The Base/Root Chakra… The Sum of All Fears

The Base/Root Chakra… The Sum of All Fears

The Root Chakra is the place to begin this trance story. I wrote an article recently, Healing Begins In Your Chakras, after which I decided to go through this process is part of clearing the channel for the family and generational healing segment of the 100 days of trance. So I can tell you a couple of things if you’re interested?

One of which is DO NOT UNDERTAKE THIS LIGHTLY and the second is to finish what you’ve started. If you stop in the middle you get the great gift of starting over and that wasn’t a lot of fun to do either. Lastly, I can tell you that if you do complete this process EXPECT CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. Okay, that’s the PSA part of the article… now to the good parts.


root chakra

The Root

The root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It is the root of your being and establishes the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and with the Earth. Muladhara is the most instinctual of all chakras – it is your survival center. Your fight and flight response is initiated from this chakra. This is your primal, animal nature. The energy of Muladhara allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It connects us with spiritual energies of our ancestors, their challenges, and their triumphs. (source:

What Do You Fear?


What do you really fear? Is it death or something more insidious? While exploring this Chakra I got to have a look at ALL of the things I fear, including death. But there were fears that were higher on the list like a debilitating illness where I could no longer be a functioning and independent person. What’s really fun is when you get them all out at once so they can play and scare the hell out of you. If you looked at this video you might remember the old guy shouting at his student that all his fears were an illusion; you may want to have this loaded and ready to say to yourself if you take on this practice. I’m uncertain how long, specifically, that I allowed this trance to continue but it was probably an hour or more.

root chakra

The Clearing

After “enjoying” all of the nifty terrifying fears my unconscious mind could throw at me, I decided it was time to let this stuff go. I originally wanted to use the video suggestion of watching the fears just disappear but that wasn’t going so well. I used an on-the-fly visualization of storm clouds rolling in and it began to rain. The rain began to melt my fears, and then, they could flow into the stream and just go permanently, downstream.

After that experience, I have noticed a lessening of those nagging daily distractions we call fear, scared, worried or whatever you choose to call them. I do think it’s a good idea to have a healthy respect for your unconscious mind, whose job is to keep you alive. So please don’t expect to go walking through the lion’s den in a porkchop overcoat and survive. This process is designed to connect you to your courage. That part of you the keeps you moving even though your knees may sometimes shake.

root chakra

Try This

Here’s an easy visualization. Imagine a neutral space, something calm, nothing special. Just ask your unconscious mind to bring out the box where you keep all of your biggest or greatest fears. Before you open that box, imagine a small stream or river forming inside that neutral space. Remember to breathe, lol.

Once the stream is flowing, go ahead and open that box. I tell clients that the reason whatever is in that box seems so strong is because it’s trapped in that boxed and is too concentrated. Once you open the box you may experience some physical or emotional feelings. Just allow your mind and body to have those experiences. If it gets too intense… just take a break, get some water… and go back in.

Eventually, you have had enough “fun” with this and it will be time to say goodbye to those fears. Just imagine rainclouds coming into the neutral space and beginning to rain. It’s a soft, gentle rain that’s warm and comforting. Now imagine those fears beginning to melt. (mine were screaming and pleading, lol)

root chakra

Down The Stream

Allow your fears to completely melt and begin flowing downstream or down the drain; whatever works best for you. When the process is completed the box is empty and all of your fears have been melted and washed away. You can then connect your base chakra to the center of the earth and feel your connection to that powerful center. This is the beginning and good reminder we all connected, all of the time and it is the illusions that trick us into believing that we are somehow separate, alone and vulnerable… nothing could be further from the truth.

Try this out and let me know what kind of results you are getting. Just send me an email, anytime.